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Car park, Aira Force

The size of this car park reflects the popularity of the nearby Aira Force waterfalls. Don't forget though, there is more to see in this area then just the waterfalls. For example Gowbarrow Fell which is within easy reach of this car park.

There is a tea room next to the car park, but there is a charge to park here.

The number of walks to choose from is 3

2nd March 2010
  A quick walk up Gowbarrow Fell because I was passing the area 3.3 mile 1100 ft
Aira Force car park - Green Hill - Gowbarrow Fell - High Force - Aira Force - Aira Force car park

14th February 2009
  Gowbarrow and Aira Force 4.6 mile 1300 ft
Aira Force car park - Yew Crag - Shooting Lodge - Great Meldrum - Gowbarrow Fell - High Force - Aira force - Aira Force Car Park

26th September 2004
  Gowbarrow and Aira Force. 3.3 mile 1204 ft
Aira Beck - Hind Crag - Bernhard Pike - Green Hill - Gowbarrow Park - Gowbarrow Fell - Aira Beck - High Force - Aira Force


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