11th May 2017

An evening walk around Nether Wasdale

Time 5 to 6:35pm
Duration 1 hr 35 min
Distance 3.7 mile
Ascent hardly any ascent
Walking with Kayleigh Turnbull
Cinderdale Bridge - Mill Place - Scale Bridge - Ashness How - Wastdale road - Wast Water - Wasdale Hall - Low Wood - Lund Bridge - woodhow - road to Cinderdale Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Nether Wasdale
This is somewhere that I don't seem to walk from very often, which is a shame because there is some lovely countryside in this area. On a few of the times I have began walks here I've simply parked the car in the roadside parking area next to the church. Now, we're asked politely to use the car park 450 yards further down the road.
Route Map


Middle Fell and Yewbarrow begin to come into view as we make our way down one of the lonnins outside Nether Wasdale. Compared to the far end of the valley the walking around this area is gentle and easy. The countryside is as beautiful as anywhere in the country and I'm reminded that the Lake District does indeed have much more to offer the inquisitive walker than the fells themselves. As we stroll along a warm evening sun shines down on our backs and we're accompanied by the sound of bleating lambs, the occasional buzzing of an insect darting about with lightning speed, and, in the distance I hear the revving of a tractor working across the valley somewhere.

Despite it not being the hottest of springs the season is marching along at a decent pace now. Very few trees have leafless limbs, the fields and hedgerows are dotted with flowers and the dreaded bracken is shooting up to let us know summer isn't too far away.

This evenings walk was very peaceful, very relaxing and the perfect way to put the events of the day behind you. .


Approaching Mill Place.

The crags on Buckbarrow come into view between those trees.


Buckbarrow and Middle Fell.

and now, Middle Fell, Yewbarrow. Great Gable and Lingmell.

After a few months with no prolonged rain and a few weeks with no rain at all, the water level is well down at the moment. Apparently normal wet weather patterns are predicted to resume at the weekend - - that deserves a really big sigh !!

It may have been quite hazy but it was still great sitting here for ten minutes admiring the place.


Here are just some of the blue bells found in Low Wood. Very nice to look at but most noticeable was the scent. No doubt stronger this evening because of the lack of a breeze to carry it off through the valley.

From Lund Bridge we look back up the River Irt.

We're not going that way this evening but we still cross the bridge for a better view of Greathall Gill and the path zigzagging its way up the fellside to the ridge below Whin Rigg.

And to finish, Buckbarrow and Middle Fell are seen on the opposite side of the valley and we both agree - - - blimey, what a lovely warm evening it's turned out.

David Hall -
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