10th May 2017

Visiting Fairfield, a mini walking project - Walk No 10 - from Deepdale Bridge via Deepdale and Cofa Pike

Time 6:05am to 12:05pm
Duration 6 hr
Distance 10.7 mile
Ascent somewhere around 3100 ft
Walking with On my own
Deepdale Bridge - Deepdale Hall - Wall End - Deepdale - Mossydale - Sleet Cove - Deepdale Hause - Cofa Pike - Fairfield - Grisedale Tarn - Grisedale - Patterdale - Rooking - Deepdale Bridge
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking spaces, Deepdale Bridge, Patterdale

About half way between Patterdale and Hartsop, Deepdale Bridge is a lovely little spot providing access to the quiet and secluded valley of Deepdale. On the opposite side of the road a path crosses the fields to join up with the route between Patterdale and Hartsop.

Parking is free and there is room for about a dozen cars.

Route Map


The settled weather continues for another week and not wanting to miss out, I find myself back at Deepdale Bridge for another Fairfield walk.

I'd only walked for about 10 minutes before I got into the sunshine so that was a massive bonus to setting off at the crack of dawn. Then, just after passing Wall End I was faced with this - - early morning sunshine lighting up Deepdale to create a scene of absolute beauty. To say I had a feeling of utter satisfaction with where I was and what I was doing would be an understatement.
Surprisingly some of the shaded areas were still showing a touch of ground frost and the nip in the air gave a feel more like autumn than spring. As I strolled along the peace was broken for only a brief moment when a farm dog at Wall End gave a couple of feeble barks. No doubt I'd disturbed its sleep and I was politely being told to carry on walking. Apart from that, all I could hear were my own footsteps and the best dawn chorus I'd ever heard. A dozen or more of natures most gifted songsters all showing off their skills at the same time. This was, , , counterpoint at it's best, and as pleasing to the ear as anything written by the Baroque masters. And, as if that wasn't enough set the pulse racing just look at the stage they'd chosen for the performance.

Wall End farm.

Further through the valley now and I look up to Hart Crag, The Step, Fairfield and Cofa Pike.


Looking up to the Step.


Lots of height and distance had been gained and I'm now in Sleet Cove heading towards the steepest part of the walk which would take me up to Deepdale Hause. At the lowest point on the skyline I turn left and head up to Cofa Pike (the pointed bit).

On the steep bit and looking up to Fairfield and Cofa Pike.

Once I reach Deepdale Hause the view opens up in lots of directions including this one showing of the eastern side of Dollywaggon Pike, Nethermost Pike and Helvellyn.
The path you can see running across the bottom of the picture is the one I'll be on later as I walk through Grisedale.

As I look up to Cofa Pike I can't help but feel thankful the strong winds we've had over the last week or so have been replaced by nice calm conditions like this.

A bit hazy but this is St Sunday Crag and Deepdale.

Today, with hardly enough breeze to put a hair out of place I walk across Cofa Pike without the need to hang onto the rocks like I did last week.

Fairfield ahead of me.

Cofa Pike.

Fairfield number 10 - it's half past eight and I'm up here with the place to myself again.
Two more Fairfield visits left on this mini project.

Although I was enjoying blue sky and sunshine, I couldn't help but notice how cloudy it was to the south. Not great for anyone lower down but anyone already on the higher fells across there would have been getting a real treat.

And here's a close up.


Heading down to Grisedale Tarn. The zigzags on Dollywaggon Pike aren't half clear today.

Because of the run of decent dry weather we've had, there wasn't much water flowing out of Grisedale Tarn today. In fact, there wasn't much water running anywhere today. OK, I understand we need water for 'stuff' but what a pity this settled (dry) weather can't last a few more months.

Looking through Grisedale.



I'm almost back down to proper valley level now and despite it clouding over a little bit it was warming up very nicely. When I came through Grisedale as an ascent route for Fairfield I used the Birks side of the valley. So, to give things an injection of variety I continued along the left side of the valley today. It's generally quieter along there and it doesn't alter the distance or ascent much at all.

Looking back up to Cofa Pike / Fairfield from the ruin in Grisedale.

Turning around for a long distance view looking all the way back through Grisedale.

Ahead of me I look out of Grisedale to Place Fell.


St Sunday Crag and Birks (ish).

Well what a nice walk through Grisedale that was.

Ullswater comes into view for a short time as I walk between the Grisedale road and Patterdale.

Patterdale, Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd seen from the bridge over Goldrill Beck.



Looking back to Crookabeck.

And to finish, I find myself deep in reflective thought as I walk through the valley from Patterdale to Deepdale Bridge. On route I pass a couple of people who I exchange "hellos" with and, who go on to say what a nice day it is. I agree with them but secretly think to myself "if you think this is nice you should have seen it at 6 o'clock this morning".

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