12th February 2017

A wintry, windy walk around Buttermere

Time 10:30am to 12:05pm
Duration 1 hr 35 min
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent Hardly any ascent
Walking with Jennifer
Butermere (village) - Buttermere (lake) - Burtness Wood - Peggy's Bridge - Gatesgarth - road back to the village
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Buttermere Village

There are a few different options for parking in Buttermere. A couple of decent sized car parks the road side leading up past the church onto Newlands pass and the sneaky couple of spaces next to the bridge. Despite these options and the village being so small they all fill up pretty quickly.

For such a small village there are a couple of hotels / pubs, public toilets and a couple of tearooms, one of which sells the best ice cream you could ever hope to find.

Route Map


Looks nice, peaceful and calm doesn't it? Sunshine lighting up the village and the church standing out against a background of Lakeland fells and green fields. In truth, the wind was making my eyes water and my hair was blowing about so much I could hardly see where I was walking - - - actually I just made the last bit up but I'm sure you get the picture. I've no doubt heading up high would have been manageable with a great deal of effort and care but if it's this windy down here I don't always see a reason to have a battle with nature. Instead, we stick to valley level for a nice quiet walk around Buttermere.


High Snockrigg / Robinson seen from the track down to the lake.

The bridge across Buttermere's outflow.

High Snockrigg and Robinson again, this time with the lake in view.


It was hardly the best day to be out and about but I was surprised at how few people were around here this morning.

Ahead of us Fleetwith Pike dominates the far end of the lake.


Here we turn left and head across Peggy's Bridge to Gatesgarth Farm.

Buttermere seen from Peggy's Bridge.

High Crag and High Stile.


High Crag and High Stile. From here you can clearly see the shape of Burtness Comb. There's actually a named cove up there as well (White Cove). Can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get stuck into the coves project properly.

Looking across to Hay Stacks and High Crag.


Looking back along the road we notice the weather closing in and the day starting to turn a bit worse.

And to finish - we look over the rooftops of Buttermere. "Fancy calling for a few things in Sainsburys in Cockermouth on the way home." "Aye, gaan then, might as well"

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