8th January 2017

Coves, Combes and Holes of the Lake District - Walk No 1 - The Combe north of Glaramara

Time not sure
Duration a couple of hours
Distance 4.4 mile
Ascent somewhere around 800 ft
Walking with On my own
Stonethwaite - Borrowdale Corn Mill - The Combe - Strands Bridge - Folly Bridge - Peat Howe - Stonethwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking spaces, Stonethwaite

Despite there only being spaces for about 5 cars next to the phone box this is somewhere I've only failed to get to get parked on one occasion. Found in the middle of Stonethwaite, this about as good as it gets for sheer variety of walks.

There is also a small parking area just before the main village. It is more of a lay-by than anything else but there is room for about a dozen cars.

Parking is free and for those wishing to eat or drink after a walk the hotel / pub is less than a minutes walk further into the village.

Route Map


In October 2016 I had a brilliant walk over the High Street fells and for no particular reason I had a bite to eat overlooking Hall Cove which is found high in the Upper Kentmere area. While I sat there I more or less came up with the idea of devising a series of walks that would take me into the Lake Districts many coves. Once I got home I added the Combe(s), and then I added the Holes. After sorting it all out into something that made sense, I'd ended up with an out of the ordinary fell walking project made up of 30 walks all with the same theme. OK, I realise it might seem a bit odd and something that many people would view as pointless but as far as fell walking goes, you may have worked out that I don't do normal visiting a list summits projects.

I'm simply approaching this as an out of the ordinary series of walks which will take me into the Coves, Comb(e)s and Holes of the Lake District.

I'd already made the decision to start this in 2017 but hadn't put any thought at all into the exact date or even the exact month. Today, I had a later than normal start and to an extent made a snap decision to do the first walk of the project. As this is the easiest / shortest of the walks it fit in perfectly with the time I had, the conditions and the time of year.


Stonethwaite Church.



Not long after setting out I reach the old Borrowdale Corn Mill. Blimey, it's been years since I came here, even though I've been very close on lots of other walks in the area.


Don't forget to look around the back of the building and, be careful you don't slip in.

Here's a small waterfall found a short way up stream from the mill.

Looking over to High Scawdel, High Doat, High Spy and Castle Crag.

It doesn't feel like I'd walk very far up hill but I must have because here I am looking down to Borrowdale rather than through / across it.

The Combe begins to open up in front of me.

Not every place on the project is this big so they won't justify a good look around. Many of them will simply be walked straight across or along the side of.


Looking back out of The Combe



A close up of Seatoller.

Off the fell now and onto the newly surfaced road. Here I'm looking towards Mountain View (the houses, not the view).

That's the back of Mountain View, taken from Folly Bridge.

And to finish, a picture taken on the walk around the base of High Doat. It's not very far from here but for no particular reason I failed to take any pictures.

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