20th March 2016

Longlands Fell and the longer way back

Time 10:30am to 1:30pm
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6 mile
Ascent 1000 ft give or take a bit
Walking with Jennifer
Longlands - Lodness - Longlands Fell - Lodness - Charlton Wath - Green Head - Ellerbeck Common - Coldbeck Road - Baggra Yeat - Longlands
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking, Longlands

With some degree of sensible parking you could probably get ten cars parked here. Once these are gone then I'm afraid it's a case of going elswhere. The roads around here simply aren't wide enough to accommodate roadside parking.

Parking is free.

Route Map


We're met by the local welcoming party as we leave the road and begin walking along the track behind the houses.

and very nice houses they are as well.


If you like wide open spaces with grassy, rolling fellsides then this is definitely the place for you.

Wow, what a place. Striding out across the fell with Overwater and Binsey (Binsa) in the background.

Longlands Fell summit.

A close up of Overwater and Binsey.




At Green Head we decide it's time for something to eat so we make ourselves comfortable next to the beck.

We both agreed this would make a lovely house. In fact, in the five minutes we stood here we had it all planned out.


With a head full of memories I stand looking along the lower end of Aughertree Fell (pronounced Afatree) to Snow Hill Cottage. My Grandfather was born in Caldbeck which is just a couple of miles up the road from here and he spent his childhood in that cottage. How things must have changed since then. I remember him as a giant of a man with a flat cap he used to hang on the chair arm and big work boots that he polished every day. He was someone from a completely different time to ours, someone who hardly ever left this area throughout his whole life, and someone who would get changed into a jacket and tie just to go out and do the garden, , , yes, things certainly have changed since then.
I wish he was still here to see just how much enjoyment the little kid that used to follow him around now gets from walking on the fells he grew up amongst. Although, knowing the kind of man he was, if he saw the way the world was he'd probably be glad he isn't here anymore.

Looking across to Brae Fell and Longlands Fell.

Don't pronouce the "e"

I suppose you could describe this walk 'something completely different', more of a walk through some lovely countryside than an actual fell walk but still enjoyable.

David Hall -
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