27th December 2014

Robinson and Dale Head from Newlands Church


Walk Overview
Time 9:30am to 2:40pm
Duration 5 hr 10 min
Distance 8 mile
Ascent 2900 ft
Walking with Rod Hepplewhite and Paul Sharkey
Chapel Bridge - Newlands Church - Low High Snab - High Snab Bank - Blea Crags - Robinson - Littledale Edge - Hindscarth Edge - Dale Head - the Miners track to Newlands Valley - Chapel Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Chapel Bridge, Newlands Church

The narrowest of country lanes lead you to this small car park set in the gorgeous Newlands Valley.

The car park is free, but it does fill up very quickly during the busier times of year.


Route Map


We set out this morning from the small car park next to Chapel Bridge just down the road from Newlands Church (that's the church). There was no sign of the wind and rain they were forecasting a couple of days ago so it looked like we were in for a treat.

There are three Snab's around here. There is Low Snab, High Snab and between the two of them is this farm, confusingly named Low High Snab. Actually there's another one because there's also a High Snab Bank but there's no farm house up there.

High above us on the right and topped with snow is Robinson.

Looking over Newlands Valley.

It's been a few years since I've taken this route to Robinson and I'd almost (but not quite) forgotten how good it was. The previous few times I've walk up Robinson from the Buttermere side.

Zooming in on Whiteless Pike, Crag Hill and Sail.

Found just below the snow line is the steeper section of the route on Blea Crags. There were a couple of icy bits to be careful of but getting up the crags was fine with a little bit of care and attention.

A airy view over High Snab Bank to Newlands Valley.

We're up above the snow line now. The snow wasn't that deep to be honest but it was crisp in places and I suppose you could say it was quite even.

Looking back down to Blea Crags and High Snab Bank. The Skiddaw fells and Blencathra looked lovely with the sunshine on them. Notice the clear cut snow line running across the fells.

A view ahead towards Robinson's summit area.

The cloud drama was simply fantastic up here today. Luckily we never really spent any time in the cloud so we enjoyed the uninterrupted views for the duration.

Robinson summit.

What a great view. Crummock and Loweswater seen from Robinson summit. Bottom centre is Rannerdale Knotts and on t'other side of the lake is Mellbreak.

A very icy Robinson summit.


Time for one last picture at the summit. This time looking across to Whiteless Pike and Grasmoor.

As we leave Robinson and begin walking across to Dale Head, Mother Nature put on a fine display of clouds ahead of us.




On the path up to Dale Head.

We'd noticed it darkening in behind us and guessed it was only a matter of time before the snow caught up with us. When it did, it added even more enjoyment to what was already a great day out. I reckon it's time for me to roll my sleeves down and put a jacket on.

Dale Head summit, complete with snowman. I'm not sure how he managed to climb up there without slipping but he must have done it somehow.

Looking back up to Dale Head from the point we left the main path to join the Miners Track.

Somewhere near Dale Head we decided to take the Miners path route back down to Newlands. The path takes a sharp left before running under Dale Head and down to the old mine workings.


Rod wore a red jacket today so we could use it to pin-point various places of interest which would otherwise have blended in with the surroundings. In this case, the ruined mine building.
It must have been an old jacket because he was happy enough for us to cut it up and make a big red arrow !!

Conversation turned to the waterfall we could see coming out of the face of the rock. We hadn't crossed any running water so it must have been getting in there from the fell above.

Here's a close up for you to see.

I suppose you could say we were standing more or less at the head of the valley at this point. We still have about two and a half mile to walk back to the cars.

The crags bellow High Spy look really impressive from this side of the valley; particularly with the snow and ice helping to highlight the shape of the rocks.

The path takes us across Far Tongue Gill.

A view back up to Dale Head as I carefully use the stepping stones to cross Newlands Back.

In t'other direction direction the beck winds its way towards Newlands Valley proper.

A long distance view back up to Dale Head and also Hindscarth.

And to finish a fantastic day on the fells, here's a photo of Newlands Church.

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