5th November 2014

Ambleside, Troutbeck and Wansfell Pike


Walk Overview
Time 9:40am to 2pm
Duration 4 hr 20 min
Distance 7.1 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Miller Bridge - Ambleside -Skelghyll Wood - High Skelghyll - Robin Lane - Troutbeck - Nanny Lane - Wansfell Pike - Ambleside - Miller Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Miller Bridge, Ambleside

This offers an alternative to the overcharged car parks in Ambleside itself. The downsides are, spaces are limited, it's a little way out from the center of the town and you will need to get here early to get a space.


Weather Readings

The Gadget
All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map


We wanted to kill two birds with one outing today. One was to have a nice autumnal walk and the other was a visit to the shops to get Jennifer a new waterproof jacket. First thing's first and we set off on a walk around to Troutbeck and over Wansfell Pike. We can take care of the other item after the fun part of the day.

I stand in tiptoes to look over the wall at the Fairfield Horseshoe.

A close up of the lower section of Red Screes.

Before entering Skelghyll Woods the view opens up across the end of Windermere to the Coniston Fells.


Stencher Beck.

Skelghyll Woods.


To state the obvious, after leaving the woods there are no trees to hide the view down to Windermere and the area around Hawkshead. The high Fell on the right of the picture is Coniston Old Man.

Approaching High Skelghyll Farm.

And now, a picture looking back to High Skelghyll Farm. That's Wetherlam in the background.

A long distance view looking towards Windermere, the Coniston fells, Cold Pike, Pike O'Blisco and part of Crinkle Crags.


The track from High Skelghyll (the one on the left) joins up with Hundreds Road / Robin Lane. This is Hundreds Road which can be used as a route to Wansfell Pike, but, we chose to walk around to Troutbeck rather than taking a more direct line.


Looking across to Sour Howes from Robin Lane.

What a gorgeous day for a visit to one of Lakeland's more special places. At the bottom of the hill you find the post office & village shop who sell nice tea & cake that you can take out of the cafe and drink on the seats outside. Despite it being November, it was still warm enough down here to dine outdoors without the need for extra clothes.

Sour Howes seen over some Troutbeck rooftops.


Troutbeck cottages in front of Thornthwaite Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke.

Troutbeck Garden Centre may not be anywhere as big as the one on the opposite side of the fell in Ambleside but as least this one blends in with the surroundings and doesn't look like a space station from a science fiction film.

Part of Troutbeck, seen from the bottom of Nanny Lane.


I'd already guessed that there must have been a hound trail on because there were quite a few people standing about on the skyline above us, there was lots of shouting going on and there was also the sound of many dogs in the distance. Then we spotted them running across the side of the fell. These things stop for nothing, not for walls, fences or people, and as this picture shows, they don't even stop for each other.

Nanny Lane.

Wansfell Pike summit was reached and despite there being no people in this picture it was actually quite busy. You can hardly blame people for getting out and about on a day like this.

A view down to Ambleside.

And from the same place, a close up of Rydal Water & Rydal.


The stairway to, or from Wansfell Pike.

You can see almost all of the Fairfield Horseshoe from here. Hart Crag is out of view but the rest is there to see.

Here's a close up of part of the previous photo showing Fairfield, Dove Crag (more or less), High Pike and Low Pike. The bottom bit with the two walls is the lower section of Red Screes.

That's us two looking up to Red Screes, Caudale Moor and Thornthwaite Crag. I'm the one with a black shirt on and Jennifer is wearing a jacket.

We're back in Ambleside now and it's time to find a jacket for Jennifer and say to goodbye to some of our cash. Me, I'd have been happy with a Bath Bun from the bakery but I'm trying to be good. So, after already having cake in Troutbeck I gave it a miss.

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