19th October 2014

A wet and windy Watendlath walk


Walk Overview
Time 11:40 am to 2:30pm
Duration 2 hr 50 min
Distance 5.6 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Near Borrowdale Road - Ashness Bridge - Surprise View - Ashness Wood - Road to Watendlath - Watendlath - Watendlath Beck - Ashness Bridge - Near Borrowdale road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, bottom of the Ashness Bridge Road, Borrowdale

A nice and handy little car park that gets you into the Keswick end of Borrowdale, offering easy access to the Ashness Bridge / Watendlath areas and of course Borrowdale itself.

Parking is free, but there are only a limited number of spaces, most of which are often taken up by inconsiderate parking.


Route Map



We had two choices today, stay in the house where it was dry or go out for a walk where it was wet. To state the obvious, we didn't stay in the house. So here we are at the bottom of the Ashness Bridge road where we set off in fine drizzle which was more annoying than anything else. This was quickly followed by normal rain, then the drizzle came back and after leaving Watendlath we had some full on Lake District rain which left us looking like two drowned rats. Despite all this moisture in the air it was still an enjoyable couple of hours.

I wish I owned the photographic rights to Ashness Bridge. A pound a picture would probably be enough to allow me to work part time without being too much out of pocket.

"Do you want me to turn round so you get a better picture"
"Not really, it's actually the propane tank I want a picture of and you're in the way"


If I'd put the windscreen wipers on you might be able to see Bassenthwaite Lake in the distance. As it is, you'll have to settle on this 'surprise' picture of Derwent Water.

The question is, was the rock been tipped on its side to allow them to build the road or did they cut a much bigger rock in half.



Fancy a cuppa tea and a bit of cake?


As nice as it was indoors, we couldn't sit in there all afternoon so we once again we braved the wind and rain.




I'm not sure if someone was trying to tell us we looked a bit wet, but Jennifer found an umbrella as we walked along here. "doesn't seem much point in using it now"

Now this is what I call proper Lake District rain.

You want your picture taken? No problem, that'll be one English pound please!

David Hall -
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