19th September 2014

A short walk on Dodd


Walk Overview
Time 2:15 to 4pm
Duration 1 hr 45 min
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent 1400 ft
Walking with On my own
Dodd Wood - Skill Beck - Long Doors - Dodd - Long Doors - Allerdale Ramble - Dodd Wood
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car Park, Dodd Wood, Bassenthwaite

With the country house at Mirehouse and Dodd Wood itself sharing the same car park, it's pot luck whether you'll get a space here during the summer months. The good news is that a little further along the A591 (driving away from Keswick) there a couple of places where you can generally manage to get parked. Of course you're then left with the need to follow the footpath back to the main car park, but needs must I suppose.

There is a charge at the main car park, but the alternatives along the road are free. There's also a good tea room at Dodd Wood.


Route Map


It had been lovely and sunny all morning over on the western side of the Lake District so it seemed daft not to get out for a walk; even though it was going to be a short one. Even the guy that lives opposite shouted across when he saw me leaving and said "ya dee reet git'n oot for a walk". What would have been nice is that the sunshine had with us until I finished the walk. Never mind, you can't have everything I suppose.


As I round the corner, Dodd summit comes into view.

From the same place as the previous picture I stand for a minute or two to admire the view down to Derwent Water.

Carl Side, Skiddaw (behind), and Skiddaw Little Man (on the right).

I'm at the top of Dodd now and given the way the cloud has built up I was beginning to think I'd done this walk back to front. What I should have done was walked up the Bassenthwaite side of the fell while it was sunny and returned down the Skiddaw side while it was cloudy, , , instead of the other way around.

A vary hazy look across to the north western fells.


A close up of Keswick, Walla Crag, Bleaberry Fell and High Seat.

And not so close up.

I admit it's not a clear picture at all but over there are the Lord's Seat fells.


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