19th August 2014

Ravenglass revisited


Walk Overview
Time 5 to 6:30pm
Duration 1 hr 30 min
Distance 3.5 mile
Ascent 300 ft More or less
Walking with Helen and Kayleigh
Ravenglass - Walls Castle - Newtown - Newtown Knott - Newtown - Muncaster Castle entrance - A595 - Ravenglass
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ravenglass village

Although it doesn't feel like it, Ravenglass is still part of the Lake District, but unlike most other places, it has more parking spaces than it's ever likely to need. There is a large car park in the centre of the village and of course the car park next to the La'al Ratty.

Parking is NOT free anymore !!


Route Map


Lets go fly a kite

The end of August is approaching, so slowly but surely the nights are cutting in with the curtains needing to be drawn, and the lights needing to be switched on by 8:30. All around the summer greenery is beginning to look somewhat shabby as autumn begins to push summer out of the way again. And, as if to prove the point a little more, the days have also been cooler recently. We're reliably told this is because of an 'arctic blast' currently heading our way. Despite all this we still have a little while before this years evening walks have to end, so, on this occasion we head out for a revisit of an earlier walk around Ravenglass.



There's a perfectly good street to walk along at Ravenglass but we generally choose to walk along the seashore instead.

Black Combe stands out clearly beyond the estuary.

We leave the beach now to walk under the railway tunnel and make our way towards Walls Castle.

Walls Castle, Roman Bath House.


That's right, chest out, shoulders back and make yourself look attractive to all those ladies walking about the farmyard.

That's Newton Knott up there.

Views from Newton Knott.
Black Combe and the Whitfell area.

Further around to the left and the fells around Eskdale come into view.

Further still, and the dark looking top of Wasdale can be seen.

Looking down to Newton and along the Cumbrian coast.

A close up of Sellafield.


The walk up through the woods would eventually bring us out at the entrance of Muncaster Castle.

Blimey, let's get summer over with first!

Back in Ravenglass where we walk through the la'al ratty train station as a route back down to the beach.

The kite flyers had left for the day, the dog walkers had arrived and after the train had clattered is way southwards we were left to enjoy the peace, the quiet and the sea breezes for a little while longer.

It was a sunny summer evening here in Ravenglass, and although it may have been a little cooler than you'd hope for at this time of year it was still far too nice to hurry back to the car.

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