4th August 2014

Latrigg and Keswick railway path


Walk Overview
Time 5:30 to 8:10pm
Duration 2 hr 40 min
Distance 6.2 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Briar Rigg - Mallen Dodd - Latrigg - Brundholme - Keswick Railway Path - Keswick - Briar Rigg
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Spooney Green Lane, Keswick

I'm sure the people in the houses on the opposite side of the road get fed up with so many people parking here, but the fact is that we all have a car and we all need to park it somewhere.

The obvious fell to walk to from here is Latrigg, but the more adventurous could easily carry on and head onto the Skiddaw fells.


Route Map


Here we are at Latrigg again for a route that more than ticks all the boxes for an after work walk. We'd both spent the day oiling the wheels of industry so after a few phone calls it was agreed the weather was okay and we'd head out for a couple of hours.

The daily commute.


Nice warm sunshine on the route through the woods.



Skiddaw Little Man, Skiddaw and Carl Side are now visible since someone stole all the trees.



I look up to Skiddaw and can't help but notice the swathe of purple heather running across the side of the fell. It's always particularly nice around on he Skiddaw House side of the fell when the heather is in full bloom.

A seat with a view of Derwent Water. It would have been nice to loiter about for a while but time was marching on so we kept going; albeit at a none rushed pace.

The same view without the seat.

A view across to the Eastern Fells.

Sunshine on Latrigg and shadows on Blease Fell (Blencathra).

A close up of High Rigg.


We join the railway path at the old railway workers building.

After the long dry spell ended and rainy days returned to the country, the River Greta is beginning to get back to a normal water level.
That's Clough Head in the distance.


Along the railway path we walk until we reach, , , ,
, , , , the boardwalk.

The late evening sunlight casts colourful rays over Greta Bridge.

As Jennifer nips into the garage for some essential supplies, I notice the sunshine lighting up the top of Latrigg.

The River Greta is crossed for the final time as we take the shortcut back to the car.
Just a thought: Even though the wall over there has been heightened since the November 2009 floods, I'd still be a bit concerned about living in one of the houses on the opposite side of the road.

Fitz Park shadows.

The length of the shadows show the sun is heading towards the horizon and the day is almost over.

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