14th May 2014

An evening on Dent with three ladies


Walk Overview
Time 5 to 7:30pm
Duration 2hr 30min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1300ft
Walking with Jennifer, Kayleigh and Helen
Wath Bridge - Nannycatch Road - Nannycatch Gate - Dent - Black How - Wath Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Wath Bridge, Cleator Moor

There isn't a huge selection of walks that can be done from here. In fact the only real option is Flat Fell and Dent. I know these can be walked by a few different routes, but that's about it.

One piece of useless information is that one of the fields next to the bridge is the western most point in the Lake District.


Route Map


Four people in three cars were due to arrive here at more or less the same time. And, given that two of the cars had to negotiate the nightmare that is Sellafield traffic, and Jennifer, who came straight from home, it was pretty good that we all arrived within minutes of each other. Jennifer had made cakes for us all so she was everyone's best friend this evening.


My three companions walk ahead of me while I mess about taking pictures of the local lamb population.

and here are two of them.

A little bit of sunshine lightened up the area so I thought it a shame not to take a picture.

We make our way down to Nannycatch Gate, around the bottom of Raven Crag (not the Thirlmere one) before heading STEEPLY uphill again.

That way to Ennerdale as anyone who has done the Coast to Coast will know.

"Okay, I may have said you wouldn't need wellingtons but anyone can make a mistake"

Looking back down to Uldale Bottom.

Now this is a steep bit of fellside if ever there was one, with lots of catching your breath and taking picture stops required. There goes the last of the blue sky.


The distant Lakeland fells come into view as we gain height. The ones you can see over on the left are the Loweswater Fells.

Kayleigh and myself arrived at the stile first and naturally we clambered over it, despite it almost being vertical.
Helen and Jennifer turned up a few minutes later and thought it easier to walk through the big gap in the fence. I guess we must have been walking with our eyes closed because we never even saw the gap.

A close up of Sellafield.

We're at the top of Dent now (locally we call it Dint). Sadly the skies had clouded over and the views were not very camera friendly at all. While we were here we spent time picking out all the towns and villages we could see and although we all live very local, Kayleigh was the only one who could (sort of) see here house.

There are two options here, both are of just about equal distance, however, the path on the right can be very wet and muddy. After I'd told everyone what it was like, I was told we were taking the left hand path.


Out of the woods and we reach Black How.

"Don't panic I'm only taking your photo and then I'll be out of your way"

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