29th April 2014

An evening walk around Ennerdale Water


Walk Overview
Time 5:10 to 7:40pm
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 7.2 mile
Ascent 640 ft or there abouts
Walking with Helen and Kayleigh
Bleach Green Cottages - Anglers Crag - Shoreline Path - River Liza - Road to Bowness Knott car park - Shoreline path back to Bleach Green cottages
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Bleach Green, Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water has a reputation for being an out of the way place and is arguably the most difficult of all the lakes to reach. Well, not so if you live on this side of the Lake District. For me, the lake and its surrounding fells are actually the closest to home. The upshot of its reputation is place where you ( or me ) can usually walk without meeting the crowds found in some other areas of the Lake District.

Unless there happened to be some sort of special event on, I'd go as far as to say this is some where you're guaranteed to get a parking space, and it's free.


Route Map


I'm not sure what's going on here but there seems to be a bit of work taking place near the weir.

The recent dry(ish) weather has lowered the water level to reveal the top of weir.

With a nice day and a nice evening on the cards we decided to head out for an after work walk this evening. Something with a few miles but not too hard was requested and as seen as though Ennerdale isn't very far work or home, a circuit of the lake would fit the bill perfectly.

Looking up the rocky side of Anglers Crag.

On the other side of the lake are Herdus, Great Borne and Bowness Knott.

Possibly the best vantage point of the walk and you can see further through the valley and across to the high fells beyond.





The debris on the fence shows just how high the water level was at some point earlier this year. It may not look like much but when you think this extra depth of water would be across the whole area of the lake, it adds up to a heck of a lot of water. Our exact route across here would not have been possible with this much water about.

"I've been here for hours and all I've managed to catch is this tennis ball"

A very hazy picture of Pillar.

Heading down to the River Liza and Irish Bridge.

And this is the river seen from the bridge.

After the rough ground in the other side of the lake this makes for much easier walking. The direction we walked in is definitely the better one to do a circuit of this particular lake.

A long distance view all the way to Steeple and Scoat Fell.

Bowness. No need to worry about reaching those windows to clean them.


Tranquillity !!


Looking across to Crag Fell and Anglers Crag.


A close up of Anglers Crag.

Ennerdale reflections.


At little more than 1000 ft high, Bowness Knott still does a pretty good job of dominating a picture looking down this side of the lake.

Herdus (Great Borne) seen from the path around the end of the lake.

The sun was lowering by now and the light was lovely along the final section of the walk. It was much nicer then photographs could ever show.


Another close up of Anglers Crag.

It was a bit late in the day for us to take much benefit but the haze seemed to be clearing away through the valley. Anyone setting off late would have had much clearer view than we did and they might have also enjoyed the good sunset I saw from our living room window.

And now were back at the weir and although we were now heading homewards, quite a few people were just arriving. No doubt they went for the go home and get changed first option instead of setting off straight from work as we did. What ever time people turned up here it was the perfect spot to enjoy the closing of the day.

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