19th April 2014

Knott Rigg to Whiteless Pike


Walk Overview
Time 9:20am to 2:10pm
Duration 4 hr 50 min
Distance 8 mile
Ascent 3600 ft
Walking with On my own
Cinderdale Common - Rannerdale - Whiteless Breast - Knott Rigg south ridge - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Addacomb Beck - Addacomb Hole - Wandope - Whiteless Edge - Whiteless Pike - High Rannerdale - Cinderdale Common
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Cinderdale Common

There are a couple of small car park areas along Cinderdale Common. They're all free and offer easy access to Rannerdale, where during late spring the display of blue bells is simply outstanding.


Weather Readings

The Gadget
All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map


It was forecast to be better in the west today but judging by the views I got, I reckon it was like this everywhere in the Lakes. Which I'm sure was good news for everyone that happened out and about in other areas today. The route that I ended up doing today was completely unplanned except for the ascent of Knott Rigg and the walk across the ridge to Ard Crags. Everything else was either decided on the drive through or on the spur of the moment on route. Regardless of this I ended up having a great walk around a somewhat strange route. There were two very steep ascents, one very steep descent and as far as bank holiday weekend walks go this one was spot on.

Red Pike, Starling Dodd and Crummock Water seen from the walk from the car to Rannerdale.

A view back down Rannerdale to Crummock Water.

High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike taken as I round the fellside of Whiteless Breast. It's a bank holiday weekend and just as I thought, Buttermere seems to be filling up with cars already.

A close up of Red Pike. Notice the people standing at the top.

Ahead of me is Knott Rigg and today I'm heading straight up the front. I've been down that way a couple of times pre website days but it was wet and slippery and I seem to remember spending a good bit of the descent on my backside. Today, it's bone dry and thankfully the bracken hasn't started to take over the place yet.

Mill Beck isn't very wide, it's not really that deep but blimey, what a job I had getting across. I can only hope no one was watching me.

Safely across and with the bonus of dry boots, I take this picture looking across to High Stile and Red Pike.

Good job I'm not in a rush because I couldn't press the accelerator any further down on this bit.
and here's the view looking back.

Somewhere around the 1,500ft mark I joined the 'normal' route running up from Newlands Hause where the gradient was much kinder to the heart, lungs and legs.


Looking across to Knott Rigg summit.

Whiteless Pike and Wandope seen from Knott Rigg.

An easy walk takes you from Knott Rigg to Ard Crags and all the while you have this view to enjoy.

Looking back along the ridge.

I'm on Ard Crags now and I didn't know it when I took this picture, but later on I'd be ascending Wandope via the STEEP route up past Addacomb Beck & Addacomb Hole. In case you're curious, the red dots aren't real, I put them on the picture to show you the route I took onto Wandope.

After a short but quite steep descent from Ard Crags I head onto this narrow path which eventually leads as far as Buttermere.

Or, , , if you walk in the other direction, it takes you down to the Newlands Valley road at Rigg Beck. That's Causey Pike up there on the skyline.

A close up of Sail Beck.

I was actually heading down to Buttermere at this point but for obvious reasons the ridge up to Wandope could hardly go unnoticed. The next couple of minutes were spent trying to decide whether I should or shouldn't take that route today.

As soon as I crossed Addacomb Beck I headed straight up hill for the 45 minute walk up to Wandope.

And here you have the winner of today's most interesting cloud competition.

As I've stopped catch my breath, I might as well take as photo at the same time..

Addacomb Hole. You'd expect there to be a tarn in here but despite the lack of even a big puddle, this is still a fantastic place.

The view back down. Yes, it is as steep as it looks.

Crag Hill and Sail.
In the distance (right) you can see Great Mell Fell and Clough Head.

Wandope summit in front of Grasmoor.

Crummock Water, Mellbreak and the Loweswater fells come into view as I begin the descent towards Whiteless Pike.

A little lower down and Loweswater also comes into view.

A view back up Whiteless Edge to Wandope.

Across to the left and I can see the Knott Rigg / Ard Crags ridge and Sail Beck. In the far distance are all the eastern fells from Great Mell Fell to Fairfield.


For no particular reason I took an off path route down to Rannerdale. I knew if would be steep and I'd have to watch what I was doing, but I didn't realise it would be so much of a sun trap; fantastic.

This is flood damage from 2009 (I think). I guess this must be pretty low down the list of priorities so it may not end up getting repaired at all.

Mellbreak and Crummock Water. Up on the skyline are Starling Dodd, Gale Fell and the top of Great Borne.

Turning around for a final look through Rannerdale and a look up to Rannerdale Knotts.

The final section of the walk was back along the terrace path back to Cinderdale Common. In a month or so, lots people will be visiting this area to see the show of blue bells. For the time being, the place remains relatively quiet and the fellside has an obvious lack of blue.

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