29th March 2014

Walk 1 = Whitbarrow Scar


Walk Overview
Time 9:10am to 12:35pm
Duration 3 hr 25 min
Distance 6.7 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with Jennifer, Rod Hepplewhite, Michael Cox
Mill Side - Buckhouse Wood - Whitbarrow Scar - Hervey Nature Reserve - Lord's Seat - Bell Rake - Low Park Wood - Witherslack Hall School - High Crag Wood - Low Crag Wood - Beck Head - Mill Side
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Mill Side, near A590

The lay-by itself only has room for about 5 cars but there is room for many, many more just around the corner on what I'm sure used to be the original A590.


Route Map


I don't normally have walks planned much in advance but this one had been on the cards since last autumn(ish). It had been repeatedly postponed due to a mixture of the crap winter weather and not all of us being available on the same day. With a dry and potentially sunny day in prospect, today turned out to be the day. It was dry which was great, it was warm which was good but it was incredibly hazy which was not so good. Still, it was a really enjoyable walk with lots of interest to see along the way.



Mmmmm, I wonder what this is all about then. A clock on the fells is strange enough but not as unexpected as the sign nearby saying something about "clothing drop off point for women". Perhaps they've opened a nudist camp up here or today could be the annual outing of the Witherslack ladies streakers club. Then, just as I was hoping to get a good photo opportunity, a guy popped up from behind the wall and asked if there was a problem. "problem, erm, no, we're just out for a walk". "It's just that you're taking photos and I've already had the landowner complaining about us", Well maybe he doesn't want a lot of naked women running about on his land, I thought to myself. Unfortunately the bloke went on to tell us this was part of a world championship orienteering event. Feeling disappointed with this news I put the camera back in its bag!

Heading across the southern end of the ridge.

There are lots of interesting giant bonsai trees found along the ridge.

Limestone, I hardly see any of it for years and then spend a day overdosing on the stuff.

I assume this has something to do with the streakers, , , , I mean the orienteering people.

A view across the side of the ridge. If it weren't quite so hazy you'd get a clear picture of Witherslack Hall School down there.

The windometer tells us the wind is coming from the west.

This Reserve
Canon GAK Hervey
1893 - 1967
Founer of the
Lake District Naturalists Trust

Lord'd Seat. The top of the fell.

Blimey what a place; streakers, clocks, giant bonsai trees and now a monster rabbit warren.

No sign of the rabbit and this is as far inside as I'm brave enough to venture.

Heading back to valley level now and to say the least, it was very slippery walking down here.




Witherslack Hall School. Jennifer thought is looked as though it might be haunted and although the three of us were prepared to wait outside while she investigated ( yes, we're cowards ), it seems that common riffraff like us wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the place so we didn't bother trying.


This is the school entrance and for obvious reasons we didn't venture any further than this. in case the caretaker decided to release the hounds.




This thing looks like it's seen better days!

There must be something in the soil around here because now we pass Yew Tree Cottage; which is home to the worlds largest mushroom.

A picture doesn't do this justice at all.

Not far from the end of the walk now where we'd grab a bite to eat and then drive to Grange-over-Sands to start the second walk of the day.

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