23rd March 2014

Askham and Lowther Castle


Walk Overview
Time 10:20am to 2:30pm
Duration 4 hr 10 min
Distance 6.7 mile (more or less)
Ascent Not much
Walking with Jennifer
Askham - Askham Church - Lowther Park - Lowther Castle and Gardens - Newton - Lowther Park - Lowther Church - Askham
Fells visited
Directory places visited


Starting Point Information Centre
Askham Village

Askham village has more than enough roadside parking, but this is one of the prettiest villages in the Lake District, so the decent thing to do is make use of the well hidden car park. It is free, it's out of site and it is a shame not to use it.


Route Map


The sun hadn't yet decided to make an appearance as we walked through Askham. The wind was quite chilly and I was beginning to think we'd made a mistake doing this walk today and not in a couple of weeks time. Normally it wouldn't matter but we'd had this walk in mind since last year and we were just waiting for a nice sunny spring day. As it turned out, today was spot on.

Just outside the village is Askham church which is found surprisingly close to Lowther church. I guess the Lowther family were rich enough to have their own built instead of sharing this one with the Askham people.

It's only a short walk from Askham to Lowther, to be precise, the road sign says it's 1 mile.

Blimey, what a size.

Looking down one of the tree lined avenues which stretches as far as the eye can see.



To gain access to the grounds you enter this area which used to be the stables. Now, the section over there is the shop and to my right is the cafe. I'd love to have seen this in its heyday when it would have been a hive of activity. Once we'd figured out where you actually pay to get in, we enjoyed a few hours slowly wandering about the grounds.








Looking across to Askham from the Limestone escarpment path.

Around to the left, Loadpot Hill and the fells towards Haweswater come into view.

And here's the path on the limestone escarpment.




I can just imagine the ladies and gentlemen sitting in here with an army of servants catering to their every whim. I suspect I would have been employed in some menial task such as holding the masters horse while he sipped tea in the shade or perhaps shovelling up the horse manure. After all, you wouldn't want the manicured lawns to look unsightly.


Surely this can't have been a real bath !! I don't mean where it's at, I mean what it's made out of.



Jennifer explores the summer house.





It's not really an untidy mess as the first impression would imply, it's work in progress.







Time to head back to Askham now and just up the road from the castle is Newton.

Lowther church. We would have had a look inside anyway, but Jennifer has family buried here so that was even more incentive to have a look.


Organ workings. Very intricate, and despite the simplicity of the underlying idea of an organ which is just air blowing through different sized pipes, you have to admit this is very clever indeed.

There was a big stone pillar in front so I had no option other than taking a picture at this strange angle.


It didn't feel much warmer in Askham than it did this morning but it was certainly a lot sunner.


Askham window box.

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