9th March 2014

Around Thirlmere


Walk Overview
Time 10am to 2:55pm
Duration 4 hr 55 min
Distance 10 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Bridge End Farm - Thirlmere Dam - Armboth - Hause Point - Dob Gill - Steel End - Wythburn Church - Woods above A591 - Swirls - Dalehead Hall - Bridge End Farm
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Bridge End Farm junction with A591

With room for only about a dozen or so cars this spot tends to fill up rather quickly. If you do manage to get parked this is a really handy place to begin a walk onto the southern ridge of High Rigg or even Thirlmere which is only a shot walk down the road opposite the parking spaces.


Route Map


We started out today from Turnip Junction.

Bridge End Farm is passed just along the road from the start of the walk. I wonder if this is the farmer that owns all the turnips.

Raven Crag above Thirlmere Dam.

It was quite blustery walking across here so I'm glad we hadn't decided to row down the lake today.

Grey Squirrel trap. It might seem a bit cruel but they're needed to try to preserve the native Red Squirrels. On a positive note, at least they get a decent meal before they get face the firing squad.


Adding scale.


Browncove Crags seen on the opposite side of the lake.



Mossy rocks and trees.

Looking down the southern end of the lake with the distinctive gap in the skyline where Dunmail Raise passes between eat Sandal and Steel Fell.


This must be the headquarters of the Thirlmere and District Pickup Truck Appreciation Society.

Wyth Burn taken from Stockhow Bridge.

Steel End Farm.

It looks closer than it actually is but that's Lonscale Fell in the distance.

Wythburn church and time for something to eat. As we already knew they don't sell food in the church we brought our own.

Spring is in the air.

Inside the church.

A short but steep path takes you from the Church to the higher path through the woods.

Once we got past the church, signs were telling us the path between Wythburn and Swirls was closed and it would NOT be possible to walk between the two places. Right, , , what should we do, turn back or take a chance on actually being able to get along the track. I couldn't see the forestry people paying their lumberjacks double time to work on a Sunday so the only problem I expected was that the track would actually be blocked. In a couple of places we had to clamber over (and or) under fallen trees but that was about it. Had it been mid week, I'd have reluctantly turned back at the first sign we passed.


A view down to Thirlmere.


The straining well. The Dam just keeps the water in, this is the place where the it leaves Thirlmere to begin it's journey to Manchester.

A look back along the track shows Steel Fell at the far end of Thirlmere. We never saw anyone along the whole length of the track so I guess everyone else must have took notice of the notice and assumed the route was impassible.

A view up to Browncove Crags.


A final picture showing Thirlmere.

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