26th December 2013

Rannerdale Knotts


Walk Overview
Time 10:45am to 12:15pm
Duration 1 hr 30 min
Distance 2.7 mile
Ascent 1100 ft
Walking with On my own
Crummock Water - Rannerdale Knotts - Low Bank - Squat Beck - Rannerdale - Crummock Water
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Rannerdale Farm

Just one of a series of small car parks along this section of road . This one offering the quickest access to Rannerdale Knotts and the small valley of Rannerdale, which during the latter part of spring has one of the best displays of blue bells you'll find anywhere.

Parking is free.


Route Map

It's Boxing Day and I'm out on my own for a short walk. We'd talked about where to walk if the weather was perfect, if the weather was just okay or if the weather was rubbish. Despite looking forward to the day, all our plans were thrown away when a sore throat / cold / bug decided to pay Jennifer a visit. Jennifer must have got fed up of watching me wandering from one room to another, checking what's on TV, looking out of the window and then wandering around the house again. In the end I was sent out for a walk on my own instead of moping around the house all day. I suspect I'll have the same bug in a couple of days time.

Looking down Crummock Water to Low Fell and Fellbarrow.

"Okay, perhaps I should have said something earlier, but I can't swim"
"What do you mean you can't swim? You specifically asked for a diving suit for Christmas and now you say you can't even swim"

High Stile and Red Pike behind Crummock Water.

From this angle and with the shape of the lake you have the illusion of the water running down hill towards the bottom of the picture.

It's a steep little route up this side of Rannerdale Knotts and from here you're looking back down to Hause Point on this side of the lake and Low Ling Crag (the pointy bit) over on the opposite shore.

About half way up and you get a commanding view down to Crummock Water and Loweswater.

Rannerdale Knotts summit in front of Mellbreak.

Turning around you see Whiteless Pike, , ,

and Grasmoor.

A view down the valley shows Buttermere village & lake, Robinson up on the left and Fleetwith Pike / Haystacks at the far end of the lake.

A close up of the village.

Walking along Low Bank and looking across to High Snockrigg and Robinson.

Grasmoor and Whiteless Pike again.

Looking back along the ridge to the summit.

I spotted these four people walking up Whiteless Pike and couldn't help thinking they'd best make the most of it because there's a storm heading our way tomorrow.

I'm just about at the furthest point from the car, which isn't very far to be honest. It still makes for a nice walk albeit a short one.


Heading down to Rannerdale.

Rannerdale spelt with an "a" instead of "er". The "Ranna" bit is actually spelt the way we'd say it here so you could argue the sign is correct. On the subject of Bluebells; now that the days are getting longer it won't be long until people are coming here to see the flowers.

This is where Rannerdale Beck (left) and Squat Beck (right) join forces.

The path and the beck stick side by side with each other for a short distance before the beck heads off towards Rannerdale Bridge, and the path heads past the Tourist Information Centre to the car park.

Rannerdale Beck.

Rannerdale Tourist Information Centre.

And before I could say that was a good walk, I was back at the car park. I would say I wish I'd had more time to do a longer walk but the truth is I actually had the whole day. Given it was Boxing Day, I thought the right thing was to get back home to see how the patient was doing. As soon as I walked in the house, Jennifer asked "why have you came back so soon" and she told me "you should have stayed out all day cos I'm going to bed".

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