9th July 2013

Pike O'Blisco, Cold Pike and Crinkle Crags


Walk Overview
Time 7.20am to 2.45pm
Duration 7 hr 25 min
Distance 8.1 mile
Ascent 3400 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Old Dungeon Gill - Redacre Gill - Wrynose Fell - Pike O'Blisco - Near Red Tarn - Cold Pike - Crinkle Crags - Three Tarns - The Band - Stool End Farm - Old Dungeon Gill
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Old Dungeon Gill, Great Langdale

The Langdale Pikes and the Crinkle Crags / Bow Fell ridge remain as popular as ever and this is reflected by the number of cars that cram into this car park, and just how quickly it fills up in the morning.


Route Map

Last night we had the "what time should we set off" conversation and we both agreed earlier would be better than later. It's a popular area and the forecast is for the hottest day for the previous two years. If we can beat the crowds and the heat then we've done well. Early starts are always preferable to us but as it turned out, it was scorching hot almost from the start and the place was quieter than you'd expect it to be in the middle of winter.

The way to Pike O'Blisco. A good, easy to follow path takes you right to the summit; allbeit with a couple of rocky bits further up.

Looking across to the Langdale Pikes. They were never far from view today so there are a few pictures of them on this walk.

That's Jennifer making her way over Cool Down Crossing. It was still only 8 o'clock, it was already scorching hot and this was the first of a few pouring cold water over my head stops.

A view back down our path into Great Langdale.

Eventually the top of Pike O'Blisco comes into view.

I wonder how busy it got across on the Langdales today. If it was anything like this side of the valley it would have been very quiet indeed. Perhaps the previous couple of rubbish summers have put people off and they're all laying on a beach in Spain.

Waiting patiently for me to catch up.


This is one of a few rocky steps you need to clamber up if you're on this route. Jennifer adds scale and in no time at all she's standing by the cairn and asking where I've been.

Looking across to Pike O'Blisco summit.

Cold Pike and Red Tarn seen from Pike O'Blisco.

A view across to Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell.


I'm standing at the low point between Pike O'Blisco and Cold Pike here. Again, those are the Langdales and the little rocky bit below me is Brown Howe. The path next to it is the one that comes up from Oxendale.

I walked across to Cold Pike summit while Jennifer went for the "it's far too hot to take de-tours" option. You can see her on the main path to Crinkle Crags down there. She walked so far up the path and then sat and waited for me.

Cold Pike summit in front of the Langdales. . . . . Cold Pike was not an appropriate name today.

Right, I wonder where she is. Next to the path I would have thought but some of the rocks away from the path seemed more appealing. It's a good job Jennifer was watching me as I would have walked right past without noticing where she was. Had we been walking in cloud we'd have stuck together.

A high level view down to Great Langdale.

Looking across the side of the Crinkles.

Beginning the walk across Crinkle Crags.


Approaching the Bad Step.

This guy made short work of those rocks on the right of the step. We went around to the left and followed the other path you can see in the previous picture.

The 'other path' looking ahead and, , , ,

, , , , the other path looking back.

More Crinkles to cross.

It was extremely hazy in the distance but at least you can see Pike O'Blisco and Cold Pike with a small amount of clarity.

There are lots of downs then ups on the walk across Crinkle Crags. Definitely a great walk, but very hard going in this heat.

A view across to Scafell, Scafell Pike and Broad Crag / Ill Crag. On the right and in the shade is Bow Fell.

When we set out today Bow Fell was in there as an optional extra but the afternoon turned out to be far too hot to add that onto the end of an already hard walk.

One of the three tarns seen in front of the Scafells and Slight Side.

Now we're on The Band which always seems like a long walk in itself. No doubt because it's always done after you've been walking for quite some time.

And another photo of the Langdales.

Looking back up The Band to Bow Fell.


A view down to Great Langdale. It doesn't seem quite as hazy as it was earlier.

and again.

Almost at Stool End Farm found at the bottom of The Band.


Looking back to The Band and Crinkle Crags. I couldn't stand still for too long otherwise my boots would have melted onto the road.

And to finish, , , , , a picture of the Langdales, this time looking up instead of across or down to them.

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