31st March 2013

Great Crag and Watendlath from Rosthwaite


Walk Overview
Time 09.40 to 13.35
Duration 3 hr 55 min
Distance 5.4 mile
Ascent 1500 ft
Walking with Jennifer and Andrew and Anne Leaney
Rosthwaite - footpath towards Stonethwaite Bridge - Lingy End - Dock Tarn - Great Crag - Watendlath - Puddingstone Bank - Rosthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale

There are actually two car parks right next to each other in Rosthwaite. One is the official car park and this is reflected in the pay and display price. The other one is simply a number of parking spaces adjoining Rosthwaite Village Hall which has a honesty box on the wall of the building.
I know which one I'd rather give my money to.


Route Map

Bessyboot and Thornythwaite Fell seen over a dry looking Stonethwaite Beck as we walk between Rosthwaite and Stonethwaite Bridge.

High Scawdel and High Spy.

Time to leave the valley now and make our way to the bottom of the steps leading to Lingy End.

The steps.

Out of the trees now at Ling End and you get a view across to Seatoller and Honister Pass.

Looking across to Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag.
On the left you see Greenup Edge which eventually takes you to Grasmere.

Another picture of Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag, this time showing the entrance to Langstrath.

A partially frozen Dock Tarn.




A view down to the Seathwaite arm of Borrowdale. The fells above are Base Brown, Green Gable. Great Gable, Brandreth, Gray Knotts and Pillar.

Great Crag summit.

Snow topped eastern fells seen behind part of the central ridge.

Watendlath seen from the top of Great Crag. Above Watendlath on the right is High Seat and Skiddaw can be seen in the far distance.

Heading down to Watendlath.


Looking back to Great Crag.


Watendlath and its tarn.

As I ate my leek and potato soup and half of Anne's cake I took the following pictures of three birds.
"what do you mean three, can't you count properly?
"evidently not, but if I had to offer a defence; the top two are the same bird"


Before we left that cafe It only seemed right that we should feed the birds 2pence a bag, 2pence, 2pence, 2pence a bag. We then recrossed Watendlath Bridge and made our way up to Puddingstone Bank. The path can be seen on the right hand side of the trees.

A view back down to Watendlath.

Making our way across Puddingstone Bank.

Looking across to Great Crag. There is a path across the flat (ish) ground from here, although I have to admit I've never walked across it. In the dozens of times I've been here I've never felt like not going to Watendlath.

The path down from Puddingstone Bank gives some great views down to Rosthwaite, Borrowdale and the surrounding fells.

Looking across to High Scawdel, High Spy and Dale Head (the pointed fell at the back).

Below Hazel Bank and not far from the end of the walk.

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