28th March 2013

Ullock Pike to Dodd

Time 09.00 to 12.45
Duration 3 hr 45 min
Distance 6.5 mile
Ascent 2800 ft
Walking with On my own
Near Ravenstone Hotel - Ling How - The Edge - Ullock Pike - Lingside - Carlside Tarn - Carl Side - White Stones - Long Doors - Dodd - Long Doors - Longside Wood - roadside path back to the car park
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside spaces, Ravenstone Hotel, Bassenthwaite

There are a few different parking areas along the road between the main car park at Dodd Wood and the Ravenstone Hotel so I have grouped them all together into one.

An obvious circular walk in this area is an ascent of Carl Side via the Ullock Pike ridge and then descending back to the valley by way of Dodd. Should this be your choice of walk then the starting point along this section of road is irrelevant.


Route Map

Bassenthwaite Lake was in site for most of this walk and here it is taken shortly after setting out.

A view back along the track shows Bassenthwaite Lake and the Lord's Seat fells.

Once onto the ridge the view across to Skiddaw opened up and the extent of the wintry conditions became apparent.

Looking up the ridge to Ullock Pike, Longside and Carl Side.

This is one of the few places on the ridge that offered any sort of shelter so it was the perfect opportunity to put on an extra layer and take a picture of Binsey.

Spindrift whipping up on the side of Ullock Pike.

Looking back down part of the steep bit. There wasn't much snow left on the ground (it had all been blown away) but it was very icy and the increasing strength of the wind made it prudent to take extra care.

and looking up.

Not far from the top of Ullock Pike now.

Ullock Pike summit in front of Dodd, Derwent Water and fells, fells, fells.

A view back along the ridge.

Longside summit cairn / heap in front of Skiddaw.


Deep snow wasn't an issue on this walk today but there was lots of ice and rock hard compacted snow. Add that to the very strong cross wind and you find yourself in full and harsh winter conditions. The mountain weather forecast gave a windchill of -21 on the high fells today. Taking all that into account there really is no room for error. The best advise I can offer, is if you don't have the experience or equipment to deal with this type of environment then please stick to the lower fells; particularly if you walk alone, as I did today.

Looking back towards Longside and Ullock Pike.

A closer quarters view of Skiddaw.

Carl Side summit in front of Skiddaw Little Man.
Walk to the other side of the cairn, do an about turn and you see, , ,

, , , Longside and Ullock Pike.

Heading down to Long Doors and head on into the icy wind.

Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man seen from White Stones.

Dodd, taken from a white stone at White Stones.

and without the white stone. The lake down there is Bassenthwaite.


Dodd summit.

Just across from the summit you get this view down to Bassenthwaite Lake.

A seat with a view.

Surprisingly it was quite spring like as I was walking down here. Perhaps a taste of things to come; or on the other hand, perhaps not.

It looks like a hurricane has been through here.    

This is Sand Hill farm, seen from the walk back to the car.

David Hall -
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