25th November 2012

A short walk on the east side of Thirlmere


Walk Overview
Time 11.45 to 14.20
Duration 2 hr 35 min
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent 500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
A591 Nr Bridge End Farm - Stanah - Fisherplace Gill - Swirls - Thirlmere - Dalehead Hall - A591 Nr Bridge End Farm
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Bridge End Farm junction with A591

With room for only about a dozen or so cars this spot tends to fill up rather quickly. If you do manage to get parked this is a really handy place to begin a walk onto the southern ridge of High Rigg or even Thirlmere which is only a shot walk down the road opposite the parking spaces.


Route Map

We weren't expecting to get out anywhere today. For days now the forecast had been for a another day of heavy rain and high winds and then, a glimmer of hope was offered last night. Despite this, we still didn't make any firm plans and settled the "lets just wait and see what it's like when we get up" approach.

This picture was taken from the junction of the main A591 and the road into St John's in the Vale.

Above Stanah and looking through the valley towards Fisher Place and the central fells beyond.

This is the channel (I'm sure it's called a Leat) used to divert water into Thirlmere rather then allowing it to follow it's natural course into St John's Beck.

If today's walk had to have a theme, it would have to be a watery one. We were never far from the sound of it, the sight of it and we spent a bit of time walking through it.

Looking over Fisher Place to Thirlmere.

Turning around for a view towards High Rigg. Behind, and to the left of High Rigg are the Skiddaw Fells, to the right is Blencathra. I'm afraid they're both under cloud but they are there.



Another picture looking across to Thirlmere. This time with Thirlspot in the foreground.


Yes folks, this is the path we walked along.


I know it was probably meant with the best of intentions, but do we really need irrelevant signs like this around the place.

A view up to Browncove Crags.

Just about to enter the grounds of Dalehead Hall.

A view backwards showing Browncove Crags up on the left, Steel Fell in the far distance and of course Thirlmere on the right.

Not far to go now and despite it looking brighter to the south, it seemed like someone had turned the dimmer switch down over here.

David Hall -
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