21st August 2011

Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck


Walk Overview
Time 10.55 to 15.00
Duration 4 hr 5 min
Distance 7.1 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Miller Bridge - Ambleside - Wansfell Pike - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck - Robin Lane - High Skelghyll - Skelghyll Woods - Jenkin Crag - Ambleside - Miller Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Miller Bridge, Ambleside

This offers an alternative to the overcharged car parks in Ambleside itself. The downsides are, spaces are limited, it's a little way out from the center of the town and you will need to get here early to get a space.


Route Map

Miller Bridge.
We were very lucky to get parked along the roadside here. They seem to be repairing the wall or something and we were later then we'd normally be when walking from here, but we still managed to find room. Just as well because the parking charges in Ambleside are about as expensive as you'll get anywhere.

You may not know this, but Ambleside is the home of the worlds first digital clock. You can see it here, built into the top of the market cross. Sadly it seems to be broken at the moment and is stuck at 9 minutes to 5. I guess with all the council cutbacks, repairing old clocks is quite low down on their list of priorities.

There may be lots of summer greenery on view here, but just look at those black clouds.


Windermere, taken from Wansfell Pike summit.

I took this picture from Wansfell Pike summit; the highest point on this end of the ridge but not the highest over all. The other end has the advantage by a few meters (or yards if you like old money).

The fells behind are Red Screes, Stony Cove Pike, Thornthwaite Crag, Froswick and Ill Bell.

Looking back up to Wansfell Pike.

This is where the path meet up with Nanny Lane.

Nanny Lane.

and again.

Almost down at Troutbeck now. At the end of the lane we turned right and walked through the village as far as the post office where we picked up Robin Lane.

"What do you mean have you I a pen so you can write this number down?"

A home with a view.

Robin Lane.

Windermere seen from Robin Lane.

Turn left for Skelghyll and Ambleside or go straight on to get to the end of Hundreds Road.

High Skelghyll farm. The path goes around the left hand side of the building.

Walking through Skelghyll Wood.

The view from Jenkin Crag.


An ever expanding Hays Garden World; which now sells much more than garden related items. I had a look at the tropical fish and the pets while Jennifer looked at other 'stuff'. I wanted to bring a rabbit home for tea but Jennifer didn't approve so we had a stir fry instead.

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