11th July 2011

An evening on Blake Fell


Walk Overview
Time 16.40 to 18.45
Duration 2 hr 5 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1600 ft
Walking with On my own
Fellldyke - Cogra Moss - Low Pen - High Pen - Blake Fell - (near sharp Knott) - Forest track back to Cogra Moss - Felldyke
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Felldyke, Lamplugh

Found on the quieter western edge of the Lake District, there never seems to be problem getting parked here. Perhaps this is a result of the limited number of fells that can be reached from here. Having said that, the walks that can be done from here are fantastic.

Parking is free.


Route Map

It was far too nice an evening just to sit in the house so I headed out for a short walk over Blake Fell. This is always an enjoyable walk which I personally think is best done on a summer evening such as this one.

Through the gate and down to Cogra Moss.

Cogra Moss in front of Blake Fell.

There was no hanging around down here this evening; I was being eaten alive by all the midges and other insects.

Looking back down to Cogra Moss.

This short section onto Low Pen is the steepest part of the whole route. Nothing too drastic, but the pace does slow a little.

A view across to the top 'slice' of Great Borne.

Looking across to Blake Fell. It isn't straight across as the picture might first appear, it's out to the right and then along the skyline.

As this close up of Pillar shows, the air was so clear this evening with no haze to speak of at all.

A little bit to the right, not so close up and you see Great Borne.

Looking ahead to High Pen.

At the corner in the fence you have the option to leave this ridge and head across to Gavel Fell (on the right of the picture) or as I did this evening, you can continue up to Blake Fell (left).
The fells between the fence posts are Red Pike and High Stile.

Blake Fell might not be the highest you're ever likely to walk up, but you certainly can't complain about being short changed with the views.

A close up of Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike.

It's a long way off, but this picture shows Helvellyn, Catstye Cam and White Side.

Much closer then the fells in the previous picture are Whiteside, Hopegill Head, Grasmoor, Wandope and Whiteless Pike.


Almost back at Cogra Moss and looking across to Knock Murton.

One by one into the water they waddled, honking all the way.



A final picture looking across the dam end of Cogra Moss.

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