9th January 2011

The head of Borrowdale and Castle Crag

Walk Overview
Time 09.50 to 13.20
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 5.5 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite Beck - Stonethwaite - Borrowdale Church - Borrowdale Road - Seatoller - Tongue Gill - Castle Crag - River Derwent - Rosthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale

There are actually two car parks right next to each other in Rosthwaite. One is the official car park and this is reflected in the pay and display price. The other one is simply a number of parking spaces adjoining Rosthwaite Village Hall which has a honesty box on the wall of the building.
I know which one I'd rather give my money to.


Route Map

Castle Crag (the lower bit covered in trees) with High Spy and Maiden Moor behind.
When I took this picture I had no idea that we'd be walking over there today. Unfortunately the weather turned out to be a long way from what was forecast so we ended up changing our plans shortly after setting off.

Well, this was as far as we got before it started raining, and then came the question "do you really want to go up past Dock Tarn in this or should we stay lower down".

Following the lane to Stonethwaite.

Approaching Stonethwaite, , , ,

, , , and now Seatoller.

Another view of Seatoller, this one taken from fields below High Doat.

Slippery? no not really, unlike the roads on the drive through. The section between Cockermouth and Keswick really was treacherous. Myself and the other cars in a long line never topped the 30mph mark. Although I suspect the three cars we passed that had hit a tree, hit a sign and spun around on the grass verge all had drivers that thought they were Michael Schumacher.

Looking ahead to Castle Crag.

A close up of Castle Crag.

And a close up of Rosthwaite.


Who said you need to get onto the high fells to get a good view.

Zooming in on Derwent Water.

Not far from the summit and looking down to the Rosthwaite area of Borrowdale.

Grange, Derwent Water and in among the distant clouds are the northern fells.

Castle Crag summit.

Sunshine on Walla Crag.

New Bridge.

Back in Rosthwaite and then it's off to Keswick to spend some Christmas money in the book shop.

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