28th December 2010

A very short walk to Walla Crag


Walk Overview
Time 12.00 to 13.30
Duration 1 hr 30 min
Distance 3.2 mile
Ascent 600 ft
Walking with On my own
Nest Brow - Rakefoot - Walla Crag - Rakefoot - Castlerigg Farm - Nest Brow
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Castle Lane, Castlerigg

This is actually just a small lay-by and not somewhere I'd generally park for a walk. It does offer quick access to Walla Crag however.


Route Map

Well, I couldn't stand it any longer, three days in the house coughing, blowing my nose, sleeping on the sofa and between all that, watching daytime TV was enough for me. After all, there are only so many episodes of 'come dine with me' you can watch before you start going out of your mind. I think Jennifer had had enough of listening to me moaning about being ill because it was her who suggested "If you're that fed up why don't you just have a quick walk up Walla Crag. Even if you don't feel right, it won't kill you".

A close up of High Rigg.


It looks like the long awaited thaw has well and truly set in now. The snow was disappearing fast, and all around there seemed to be running water, puddles and a general slushiness to the place. Unfortunately the thaw hadn't yet advanced enough to give me any confidence that I'd remain upright. After slipping and sliding my way across the first field, every bit of snow and slush was now viewed with a suspicious eye. Ending up on your backside is one thing, but landing in one of these puddles did not appeal at all.

The icy path above Rakefoot Farm.

At Walla Crag summit and looking down to a cloudy Borrowdale.

Bleaberry Fell.

A couple of minutes of being patient paid off and the cloud cleared enough to give this picture showing part of Derwent Water and Keswick.

Somewhere in among all that cloud are the north western fells.

Looking down to Keswick. A few seconds later the view had gone completely.

Following the track down to Rakefoot Farm.

Personally I never saw the sunshine or felt any rain, but they must have been there somewhere to produce this faint rainbow.

Frozen Brockle Beck.

David Hall -
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