4th December 2010

Latrigg and High Rigg


Walk Overview
Time 09.20 to 14.35
Duration 5 hr 15 min
Distance 11.7 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with On my own
Keswick - Briar Rigg - Spooney Green Land - Mallen Dodd - Latrigg - Brundholme - A66 - Naddle Beck - Tewet Tarn - St Johns in the Vale Church - High Rigg - Shaw Bank - Nest Brow - Keswick
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Keswick

There are so many car parks and so many roadside options in Keswick I've grouped them all together into one. To state the obvious, the car parks all charge and the roadside parking is rather a hit and miss affair.


Route Map

Last night's weather forecast seemed to put emphasis on icy roads which would make for treacherous driving conditions. Well, the main roads weren't too bad to be honest, but I could see all the minor roads were still covered in frozen compacted snow and I'm afraid my bog standard none 4x4 car isn't keen on this stuff at all.
This was the car park in Keswick this morning. Getting on was no problem, , , getting back off was a different story. Thankfully (depending on your point of view) I could hear someone else struggling to get off a little further down, so we joined forces and pushed each other's cars back into the drivable bit of the road. Perhaps good Samaritans aren't a thing of the past after all.

Walking past the River Greta on the way out of Keswick.

Heading onto Spooney Green Lane.

Looking over to the north western fells.

and a little further round to Bassenthwaite Lake

Considering the covering of snow everywhere else, the seat just below Latrigg summit was clear. Obviously someone wanted to sit and admire the view without getting a cold backside.

Lakeland in grey.

A view across to Blease Fell, and in the distance Great Mell Fell.

"What do you mean only its Mother could love it. I'm not that bad looking, In fact, I'll have you know I was entered in a bonniest Lamb contest when I was a bit younger"
"Did you win"
"Win, , , well, , , no I didn't win, but that's not the point is it"

Clough Head and the Dodds, seen from the end of the ridge on Latrigg.

Walking down to Brundholme.


This is why I wasn't keen to drive off the main roads.

Tewet Tarn in front of Lonscale Fell.
When I was on Latrigg I almost talked myself into walking up Lonscale Fell. I'm glad I didn't now, otherwise I'd have been up there in among that cloud. Sometimes getting a view more than outweighs getting high up.

A view back down to Tewet Tarn, with Blencathra filling the back of the picture.

It certainly wasn't what I expected today, but it was raining as I walked down to the church. Thankfully it stopped before I got there or I'd have given High Rigg a miss.

St John's in the Vale Church.


High Rigg summit.

Needless to say this normally boggy bit of the ridge was solid enough to straight across.

Time to head back down now and it's a simple, even if slippery, case of following the wall down to the road near Shaw Bank.

It could only be in Lakeland couldn't it.

After wolfing down the last sandwich, I headed across the fields below Low Nest Farm and up to the A 591.

Just before I got to the road I took this picture down to Dale Bottom. It's too difficult to point out what's in the background because the snow and the cloud makes everything blend in together.

From Chestnut Hill I took this somewhat grey picture of the north western fells.
It might have been a bit of a dull day, but as always, it was nice to get out in the snow. All I want now are the roads to clear, the sun to come out and the snow to stay on the fells for a couple of months.

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