2nd October 2010

Carl Side to Great Calva from Millbeck


Walk Overview
Time 08.15 to 15.15
Duration 7 hr
Distance 12.2 mile
Ascent 4200 ft
Walking with Richard Ratcliffe
Millbeck - White Stones - Carl Side - Skiddaw - Bakestall - Birkett Fell - Little Calve - Great Calva - Skiddaw House - Lonscale Crags - Whit Beck - Gale Road - Applethwaite - Millbeck
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside spaces, Millbeck (below skiddaw)

There are a few different places to park along the minor road through Applethwaite and Millbeck. If all the roadside options are full you could even try the village hall where for a small fee you may be able to park up for the day.


Route Map

After a few emails and a phone call, we decided the uncertain forecast was perhaps good enough to take a chance on a long walk like this after all. Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but on this route we would end up a heck of a long way from the cars. On this occasion, taking a chance really paid off and apart from Carl side and Skiddaw, we actually spent quite a bit of time walking in sunshine.

There's no time to warm the leg muscles up on this walk I'm afraid, It's straight onto the steep, open fellside. The upside to this is that no sooner do you get going then you're treated to this view across to the north western fells.

Dodd, seen from the wall we crossed below White Stones.


A very cloudy Carl Side summit, , ,

, , , and an even cloudier Skiddaw summit.

Thankfully it wasn't long after leaving Skiddaw that we dropped below the cloud where we could look down to the northern end of Bassenthwaite Lake.

Heading down to Bakestall.
If the cloud is down, just follow the fence.

As we said at the time, views like this are often described as atmospheric, that actually means the cloud is blocking the view. What you can see in this picture is Skiddaw House.

Typical; Skiddaw is clear now. Never mind, when we'd entered the cloud below Carl Side we really didn't expect to be walking in sunshine on Bakestall. In fact, if the forecast had been correct, we might well have been walking in rain at this point.

The previous picture was taken from the highest point on Bakestall. The better view however, is to be had from this spot, about 100 yards below the summit.
The fell on the right is Great Cockup. The one on its own beyond the fields is Binsey ( pronounced Binsa ).

A close up of Dash Farm.

Walking down Birkett Edge and looking across to our route up Little Calva - the fence line you can see to the right of the gill on the opposite fell.

Standing above Dash Falls and looking across to Binsey.

A view back across to Bakestall and Skiddaw.
Hard work doesn't begin to describe this section of path. Narrow, eroded, loose under foot and a few big steps, , , , if you don't like this kind of struggle you may want to find an alternative route up here.

Skiddaw and Bakestall, taken from the corner of the fence on Little Calva.

The boggy bit between Little Calva and Great Calva.

Great Calva summit.
The pointed fell above the fence post is Carrock Fell.


Looking across to Great Calva summit.
This is where we left the fence which we'd more or less walked alongside from the path below Skiddaw.

This is the ford and footbridge over a very young River Caldew. The river eventually ends up at Carlisle where it joins the River Eden.

Because of the "Private" sign on the gate, we walked around the grounds at Skiddaw House rather than through them.

And the house itself. It seems a shame that we can no longer find shelter by sitting next to the house; as I've done on many a winters day up here. But, and it's a big but, if I owned somewhere like this I'd like the option of letting people into the grounds or keeping people out as these people have done. In my opinion, just because we enjoy walking, doesn't mean we should have me the right to go anywhere we choose.

There's hardly any comparison as far as routes go, but this is the fourth time I've been to Skiddaw House this year.

A look back to the unmistakable pointed shape of Great Calva, taken from the track running through Lonscale Crags.

On the opposite side of Glenderatarra Beck is Mungrisedale Common.

On the left is Clough Head and the eastern ridge, High Rigg is in the middle and cenral fells are on the right of the picture.

At Gale Road car park.

Underskiddaw Church Room. Sadly it was locked.

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