13th August 2010

Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag


Walk Overview
Time 14.30 to 18.00
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 5.7 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with On my own
Stonethwaite - Stonethwaite Bridge - Greenup Gill - Eagle Crag - Sergeant's Crag - sheepfold below Lining Crag - Greenup Gill - Stonethwaite Bridge - Stonethwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Stonethwaite

Despite there only being spaces for about 5 cars next to the phone box this is somewhere I've only failed to get to get parked on one occasion. Found in the middle of Stonethwaite, this about as good as it gets for sheer variety of walks.

There is also a small parking area just before the main village. It is more of a lay-by than anything else but there is room for about a dozen cars.

Parking is free and for those wishing to eat or drink after a walk the hotel / pub is less than a minutes walk further into the village.


Route Map

Eagle Crag taken from the roadway just outside Stonethwaite.

I can't remember the number of times I've walked past this house and thought yes, I could happily live in that; if it were a bit higher up from Stonethwaite Beck. And as if by magic, when I get back here at the end of the walk a for sale sign had appeared outside the house. It's not before time, but perhaps this is my weekend to win the lottery.

A view across the fields towards Greenup Gill and Eagle Crag.


Greenup Gill and time to start heading up hill.

Looking back down Greenup Gill to Borrowdale, High Scawdel and High Spy.

A picture showing the crags below Eagle Crag summit. It also gives some idea just how steep it is on here.

And looking back down to Greenup Gill and the path which eventually leads to Greenup Edge.

Only a few minutes from the summit now, but first I had to get over this stile, turn right and then negotiate the awkward little rock step; just out of shot.

Langstrath, seen from the top of the stile.

Just and so past the summit you get this fine view down to Borrowdale, the surrounding fells and the slightest glimpse of Bassenthwaite Lake.

Eagle Crag summit.

The next fell on today's walk was Sergeant's Crag, which according to the timings on the photographs, is just under 30 minutes walk from Eagle Crag if you walk the same speed as I did today.

Looking back to Eagle Crag.

Sergeant's Crag summit in front of High Raise. The dark bump on the skyline is the top of Pike O'Stickle, of Langdale Pikes fame.

This sheepfold wasn't quite the main reason for the whole walk, but it was the reason I took this particular route between Sergeant's Crag and Greenup Gill.

Eagle Crag, seen here across the area of wet ground just north of Lining Crag.


One of the waterfalls found in Greenup Gill.

For most of the return route I followed the same path as I'd walked at the beginning of the walk.

This is the point at which Greenup Gill joins up with Langstrath Beck to form Stonethwaite Beck.

Back at Stonethwaite.

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