17th April 2010

High Tove, Blea Tarn and Armboth Fell


Walk Overview
Time 08.30 to 12.45
Duration 4 hr 15 min
Distance 8.4 mile
Ascent 1910 ft
Walking with On my own
Thirlmere Dam - Armboth - High Tove - Middle Crag - Shivery Knott - Blea Tarn - Bell Crags - Armboth Fell - Armboth - Thirlmere Dam
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Thirlmere Dam

I think I'm correct in saying this is the preferred parking spot for peak baggers who are intent on a quick there and back walk up Raven Crag. And while this is indeed the closest parking spot to Raven Crag, there actually considerably more routes to be had from here. To name a few, you could undertake a complete circuit of Thirlmere, head north to St John's in the Vale and High Rigg or even have a short walk onto Great How.

In or around August 2011 a pay and display machine was installed in this car park.

However, , , , if you continue a short way down the road towards the A591 you can park for free in a lay-by. The free parking spot is indicated by the higher of the two red arrows.

Route Map

After a couple of weeks of dry weather, today seemed like the perfect time to head up to this area which is notorious for being wet and boggy. And even with the recent lack of rain, I still needed to do quite a bit of bog hopping and zigzagging about up on the ridge.

Looking down to Thirlmere and the Dodds.

Once you get away from the trees and the crags the true nature of this area begins to show itself.


A long distance view across to Armboth Fell and and even further away is Ullscarf.

High Tove summit.

Taken from just past the summit, this picture shows High Seat behind The Pewits.

A view across to Grange Fell, Dale Head, High Spy, Maiden Moor and in the background are the north western fells.

Looking back to High Tove and High Seat.

This is a bit of a substantial sign to put in an out of the way place like this. I can't imagine there are a huge number of people bothering to head down to the outflow of the tarn so I assume someone really doesn't want people walking down Blea Tarn Gill.

As seen as though I was here, I decided to walk around the west and south sides of the tarn rather than head back up to the path I'd just crossed over.

I think I did pretty well today as far as sunshine goes. There seemed to be a heck of a lot of cloud about, but I still managed to get more than my fair share of brightness.
I thought I may have ended up having to take a much longer route around this end of the tarn by sticking to higher ground, but surprisingly this bit of the walk was quite dry, so it was a simple case of jumping across the beck and walking straight across the rest.

Bell Crags summit with Ullscarf behind.

A close up of Launchy Tarn.

Just below Bell Crags are the remains of an old quarry where the buildings have been conveniently reused as a sheepfold.

Approaching Armboth Fell.

And the summit itself.

Thirlmere soon came back into view as I began to loose height after leaving Armboth Fell. First of all it was time for something to eat before heading across to the path you can see going into the trees.
It was here that I saw the first people since setting out, and even they were in they distance. I didn't actually pass anyone else from start to finish, even along the road walk; brilliant.

Walking back down to Thirlmere.


Now for the walk back along the road to the end of the lake.

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