10th February 2010

Red Tarn, Birkhouse Moor and Lanty's Tarn from Glenridding


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 14.30
Duration 5 hr
Distance 7.1 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Glenridding - Greenside Road - Greenside Mines - Red Tarn Beck - Red Tarn - Hole in the Wall - Birkhouse Moor - top of Mires Beck - Lanty's Tarn - Grisdale road - Grisdale Bridge - road to Glenridding
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Glenridding

Found in the centre of Glenridding, this car park fills up very quickly indeed. Not just because of the amount of walkers heading onto the Helvellyn fells, but with people just wanting to have a walk around the village. Arriving after mid morning during the summer months would be a bit of a hit and miss situation as far as getting a space goes.

To state the obvious; there is a charge for parking here.


Route Map

Well, we didn't exactly get the wall to wall sunshine we were sort of promised, but in all fairness we did end up getting a decent share of it. What we hadn't expected, was for it to be quite so cold on the higher sections of the walk. Once we got high enough into the strong wind, full winter gear was definitely required today.

Heading along Greenside Road towards Greenside Mines.

I could be way off the mark here, but this building has everything you'd expect to find in a place used to store explosives. It is a short distance away from the rest of the buildings, it was built into the side of a hill, it has a concrete roof and also a metal door.

Greenside Mine buildings.

I took this picture at the point where Red Tarn Beck joins Glenridding Beck.
The pointed fell on the left hand side is Catstye Cam.

Looking back down the Red Tarn Beck path.
It looks like Jennifer must have had one hot hand and one cold hand.

Almost at Red Tarn with a view up to Swirral Edge.

Red Tarn below Helvellyn.

After walking forward a bit and turning around to the right, I took this picture of Catstye Cam.


That's where we're heading now; along the path you can see and across to Birkhouse Moor on the left hand side of the picture.
There might have been a lot more sunshine now, but between here and Birkhouse Moor, we were getting the full affects of the north east wind which dragged the temperature down quite a bit. It was definitely not a day for dawdling about along here!

Looking back towards Helvellyn with Striding Edge on the left and Swirral Edge on the right.

Sunshine on Swirral Edge and Catstye Cam.


The route to Birkhouse Moor.


"I take it you're nice 'n warm with all that gear on"

Birkhouse Moor summit.

Three picture of Ullswater, , this one taken from the end of the Birkhouse Moor ridge, ,

, , this one from the junction of the Mires Beck route, ,

, , and this one taken from the route down to Lanty's Tarn.

Lanty's Tarn; perhaps looking a bit sorry for itself, but still nice and sheltered enough for us to have something to eat.

The view into Grisedale.

And finally back in Glenridding, where I spotted this digger clearing the debris out of the beck. Presumably all this was washed down in the floods last November.

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