24th January 2010

Heughscar Hill from Askham


Walk Overview
Time 10.00 to 12 10
Duration 2 hr 10 min
Distance 5 mile
Ascent 750 ft
Walking with Jennifer and Andrew & Anne Leaney
Askham - Heughscar Hill - The Cockpit - Askham
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Askham Village

Askham village has more than enough roadside parking, but this is one of the prettiest villages in the Lake District, so the decent thing to do is make use of the well hidden car park. It is free, it's out of site and it is a shame not to use it.


Route Map

It might have been rather a grey day when we left Askham, but at least it was dry. The forecast was for rain, it was raining on the drive through, by some miracle though, we managed to do the walk without a drop of rain falling on us.

Looking ahead to Heughscar Hill.

. . . and looking back towards Askham.

Walking past the woodland neat Heughscar Hill summit.

A big view from a small hill.

Almost the same view as the previous picture, this time from the summit itself.

Heading along the track to The Cockpit Stone Circle, with Heughscar Hill behind.

The Cockpit Stone Circle, or at least part of it.

Snow, , , turning every grown up into a child.

Mmmmm, , this had us scratching our heads for a while.

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike, I love to , , , , ,
please feel free to sing along, I'm not doing a solo you know!

"I'm sorry, but the word towel never passed your lips when I was packing the bag this morning"

Local, and thankfully friendly ponies walking onto the fellside above Askham.

Back in Askham.

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