12th December 2009

Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head and Honister Pass


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 13.40
Duration 4 hr 10 min
Distance 7.6 mile
Ascent 2900 ft
Walking with On my own
Hassness - Hassnesshow Beck - Robinson - littledale edge - Hindscarth - hindscarth Edge - Dale Head - Yewcrag Quarries (dis) - Fox Fold - Honister Hause - Honister Pass - Gatesgarth - Hassness
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside Parking, Hassness, Buttermere

At a push there is only room for about three cars here, and to be honest, the only reason to park here would be as a convenient starting point for the route up to Robinson.


Route Map

I took the little used, but fantastic route from Hassness to Robinson today. This one really is a case of straight out of the car and onto very steep fellside.

Reflections in Buttermere.

If you enjoy rocks, crags and rugged landscapes, you'd love this route.

Early sunshine gradually lighting up the fells.

I certainly didn't expect this picture to turn out the way it did. The frost on the fields, the sunshine on the trees and the blue(ish) tinge on the lake all combined to make a lovely contrast in colours.
I think I'm correct in saying the colour of the water is caused by the stirring up of the silt during the recent floods.

Now this is what I call a steep route.


Although an off path route more or less following the skyline on the left would be the most direct route to the summit of Robinson, following the fence is a good enough alternative; bringing you nicely onto the ridge where you can then pick up the main route to the top.

There were plenty of reasons to keep stopping to take photos on this route. Most stops were for the fantastic views, while others were the need for me to take well deserved breathers.

Looking across to the northern fells from Robinson's summit.

And from the same place, looking around towards Crummock Water, Loweswater and the Loweswater fells.

Looking ahead to Hindscarth and Dale Head.

Most of the walk was done in relatively calm conditions, but for some strange reason it was was really windy along this short section above Little Dale. Needless to say the wind dragged the temperature down.

I thought the sheepfold in Little Dale didn't appear to be quite right when I looked down, so I took a few close up photos to check when I got home. And what a shame, it shows all the signs of flood damage. There was quite a lot of debris spread about the area, and on the fellside below Hindscarth I noticed a what seemed to be a landslide heading down towards the sheepfold.

Another view of the northern fells, this time taken from Hindscarth.

Robinson, seen from Hindscarth.

Hindscarth summit, looking across to High Spy, Maiden Moor, Walla Crag, High Seat, High Tove and the eastern fells.

The view back along Hindscarth Edge.

As far as getting a spectacular view from a summit goes, surely Dale Head has to be in everyone's top half dozen fells. I could go on and choose the other five for you, but I'd hate to force my favourites onto anyone (he says tongue in cheek). So, the best thing would be to let you chose your own top six. Just remember; you can pick any six you want, the only condition is that you include this view from Dale Head.

Lunch with a view away from the sun, , ,

, , , and towards the sun.


The side of Honister Crag.

That looks slippery I thought to myself; and yes, I was pleased no one was looking on the couple of occasions I nearly landed flat on my back.

Looking back up Honister Pass.

On frosty days like this it's easy to work out which areas never see any sunlight.

Walking past Buttermere on route back to the car.

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