4th December 2009

A winters walk above Great Langdale


Walk Overview
Time 09.50 to 14 30
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 6.2 mile
Ascent 2600 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Stickle Barn - Stickle Ghyll - Stickle Tarn - Sergeant Man - High Raise - Thunacar Knott - Pavey Ark - Harrison Stickle - Below Loft Crag - Mark Gate - Stickle Barn
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Stickle Barn, Great Langdale

A very busy place indeed, not only with those parking up to head onto the fells, but with people stopping off for something to eat or drink.

There are actually two car parks here, one next to Stickle Barn and the other buildings and the other found on the opposite side of the road.


Route Map

The footbridge over Stickle Ghyll; crossed shortly after setting out from Stickle Barn.

Apart from setting off from Stickle Barn car park and following this path up to Stickle Tarn, the rest of today's walk was simply made up as we went along. This is the ideal area for this type of outing, with lots of fells to choose from, lots of routes scattered about and lots of ways back down at the end of the day. Needless to say, the walk was filled with plenty of "where do you fancy going next" and "which route should we take" moments.

The view back down Stickle Ghyll. with Lingmoor Fell dominating the opposite side of Great Langdale.

Stickle Tarn was bathed in sunshine when we arrived, the reflections were gorgeous, and it was fantastic to be here on such a perfect winters day.

Harrison Stickle above Stickle Tarn.
"I take it camouflage isn't your strong point then?"

Stickle Tarn reflections.


Looking up to Sergeant Man.
As far as a route from Stickle Tarn to Sergeant Man goes, 'up' seemed to be as good a choice as anything.

And now looking back to a confusion of sunshine and clouds.

Sergeant Man summit.


What a contrast, bright sunshine where we were and ominous looking black clouds beyond High Raise.



High Raise summit.

Judging by the amount of cloud everywhere else, it certainly felt like we were in the best place today.


A frozen Thunacar Knott Tarn.

Thunacar Knott summit.

Looking down to Stickle Tarn from the top of Pavey Ark. A couple of minutes after taking this picture the cloud built up and rolled over the edge of the ridge to shroud us almost as far as Harrison Stickle.

'In the bleak mid winter'

Another view looking down to Stickle Tarn, this time taken from Harrison Stickle.

Also taken from Harrison Stickle is this photo showing Great Langdale and Windermere beyond.

Pike of Stickle.

A close up of Blea Tarn.

And, not such close up of the tarn, but now showing the area around the head of Great Langdale.

Homeward bound.

David Hall -
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