28th November 2009

A snowy walk across Clough Head and the Dodds


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 14.15
Duration 4 hr 45 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 2920 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Wanthwaite - Wanthwaite Bank - Clough Head - Calfhow Pike - Clough Head - Watson's Dodd - Stybarrow Dodd - Sticks Pass - Stanah
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Wanthwaite, St John's in the Vale

Because of the closeness to peoples houses, I'm never sure whether or not to park at the junction with the Old Coach Road or not, so I generally try to park a little further along the road just past the turn off to Wanthwaite Bridge. Which ever option you go for there isn't much room. I should point out that the second option I've described is along the edge of a very busy main road.


Route Map

High Rigg seen on the opposite side of St John's in the Vale.


Looking a little further round and zooming in a little, you see the snow capped north western fells in front of Low Rigg.


Mist in St John's in the Vale.


Long distance to Grisedale Pike, the Lord's Seat fells. Latrigg, Skiddaw under cloud, Lonscale Fell and for those with a keen eye Tewet Tarn.


The northern fells taken from Threlkeld Knotts.


Looking back down the route between Threlkeld Knotts and the fellside below clough Head.




Almost up to the cloud base.


Approaching clough Head.


Clough Head summit.


It was hardly surprising that there were some pretty wet and muddy conditions up here today. The first area of soggy ground was reached at the low point between Clough Head and Calfhow Pike, and then at every subsequent low point along the ridge.


Calfhow Pike.


A brief gap in the clouds on Calfhow Pike.


Looking back to Calfhow Pike.


Even when the cloud is down I thoroughly enjoy walking in these conditions, although I have to say it would have been nice to get a share of the sunshine which was obviously out there.


Great Dodd summit and a tantalising glimpse of the sun.


I took this picture at Watson's Dodd summit where it was now time for something to eat, and because we were standing about it was also time to put a jacket on. Despite the time of year, snow on the ground and walking in cloud, it was still quite warm when we were on the move. On the other hand, , I'm often told I've either got a dodgy thermostat or Eskimo blood running through my veins so I might not be the best person to comment on how warm it was or wasn't.

The three walkers in the photo are heading in the direction of Stybarrow Dodd.




Walking down Sticks Pass, and for a while, someone had definitely turned the light off.


This is more like it.


Looking up to the ridge we'd walked across, and the cloud we'd walked through.




The bottom, and roughest section of Sticks Pass with Stanah and the A591 below us.




"Sorry to interrupt your dinner, but can we get past?"

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