11th October 2009

Low Dam, High Dam and Finsthwaite


Walk Overview
Time 10.20 to 11.30
Duration 1 hr 10 min
Distance 2.3 mile
Ascent 410 ft
Walking with On my own
High Dam Car park - Low Dam - High Dam - Low Dam - Finsthwaite - High Dam Car Park
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car Park, High Dam, Finsthwaite

Found on the outskirts of the lovely little village of Finsthwaite, this free car park is well enough hidden amongst the trees to prevent it intruding upon the peacefulness of the village.

The car park is only a short walk from Low and High Dam tarns.


Route Map

Heading out of the car park on the short walk to Low Dam and High Dam.
It's criminal I know, but it had been about 13 or 14 years since the last time I was here, so today I took the opportunity to have a revisit. And even though it was only a short walk, it didn't feel like I'd been short changed for the long drive round, as I spent the rest of the day driving about, visiting and taking photos of quite a few places in the south eastern corner of the Lake District.

I might have been a few weeks too early to see the best of the autumnal colours, but the walk through the woods was still lovely.


I don't believe it, , , well I do actually. As soon as I reached Low Dam the sun went in and away went the crystal clear reflections I saw as I approached the tarn. What I was left with was still very nice though.


When I reached High Dam it was decision time, and for no particular reason I took an anti-clockwise route around the tarn?

High Dam (tarn).

A little sunshine makes a lot of difference.




On the way back from the tarn I headed across the fields and into Finsthwaite.

Finsthwaite seen from the path across the farm land outside the village.

And again, this time taken from the road next to the church.

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