10th October 2009

You've never got you wellingtons when you need them - Green Crag from Stanley Force


Walk Overview
Time 09.20 to 14.00
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 1800 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
near Dalegarth Hall - Stanley Force - Low Ground - Birkerthwaite - Great Crag - Broad Crag - Green Crag - Low Birker Tarn - Low Birker - Doctor Bridge - Eskdale Church - near Dalegarth Hall
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, near Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale

Forget the fells for a moment and consider a lower level route through one of Lakeland's most beautiful valleys. And if Eskdale happens to meet with your approval then this car park could not be a better starting point. Stanley Force is within easy walking distance, on the opposite side of the valley is the La'al Ratty and the little village of Boot. For those with rather more energy, following one of the paths through the valley will offer hours of enjoyable walking.


Route Map

The walk to Stanley Force is more akin to an expedition into some undiscovered area of tropical rainforest than a gentle walk in the Lake District. The steep sided gorge is a fantastic place which offers something quite rare in the Lake District.

Stanley Force.

Once above the waterfalls and out of the woods you'd hardly think you were in the same country never mind just a ten minute walk away.



Looking ahead to Great Crag.

It was definitely a walk of contrasts today; we'd walked through overgrown woodland, in and out of a narrow gorge, across a lovely area of high countryside and now we were heading into a bleak area of extremely wet ground. If you're not too keen on heading out across pathless,wet fellside then this is not the walk for you.

Green Crag and Crook Crag; sadly they were both under cloud and remained so until after we'd passed that way.


The autumnal colours of these grasses was so nice while the sun was out. Unfortunately, not long after taking this picture the heavens opened and we were walking in rain and cloud for a while.

Green Crag summit.

The boundary stone found between Green Crag and Crook Crag.

Heading towards Low Birker Tarn.

The cloud was moving in across Foxbield Moss as we walked past. To state the obvious, this is not somewhere you want to accidentally walk into during poor visibility and then end up groping about trying to work out where you are.

Low Birker Tarn.

What a difference in landscape once you get to the Eskdale side of the fell.

A close up of the Woolpack Inn.

The view towards the Upper Eskdale end of the valley.

Doctors Bridge.

The River Esk, taken just above Gill Force waterfall.


St Catharine's church Eskdale.

David Hall -
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