26th September 2009

Hartsop Dodd to Brock Crags


Walk Overview
Time 09.00 to 14 30
Duration 5 hr 30 mins
Distance 8.2 mile
Ascent 3200 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Hartsop - Hartsop Dodd - Stony Cove Pike - Threshthwaite Mouth - Thornthwaite Crag - High Street - Straights of Riggindale - The Knott - Satura Crag - Brock Crags - Hartsop
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Hartsop Village

Unspoilt, sums up the lovely village of Hartsop; apart from the car park that is. At least it is tucked away beyond a narrow gap between the buildings at the top of the village.

The car park is free and offers almost instant access to the surrounding fells. The number of different walks you can do from here are jut too many to list.


Route Map

We actually had a good idea of where we were intending to walk today, but we hadn't even left the car park before we'd changed our minds. Initially, just so we could avoid walking in the shade at the start of the walk. Although, once we got going, almost the whole route was made us as we went along. And for such a perfect day, in an area we both thoroughly enjoy, making it up like this was the best thing we could have ever done.

Dove Crag and Hart Crag seen from the intake wall on Hartsop Dodd.

And now almost the same view, only this time without the wall and with Dovedale in the picture.

One of the Lake District's finest views, looking down towards Patterdale and Ullswater, with Place Fell and Angletarn Pikes on the right hand side of the photo.
Notice the wall running down the fell on the right hand side. What we didn't realise was that at the end of the walk we'd be walking down the fellside next to the wall.

A close up of Angletarn Pikes; my favourite of all the fells in the Lake District.

A nice selection of eastern fells, or should that be, a selection of nice eastern fells.

Hartsop Dodd summit.

A view back down the wall on Hartsop Dodd.

The flat expanse of Caudale Moor. A fantastic place on a perfect day like this, but somewhere the unsuspecting and inexperienced would find a nightmare when the cloud is down.

Stony Cove Pike summit, in front of Thoththwaite Crag, High Street (above the top of the cairn), Gray Crag ridge, Kidsty Pike, Rampsgill Head and The Knott.

Heading down to Threshthwaite Mouth.

High Street next? , , , yes, we might as well head across there. It's far too nice to head back already.

Looking down to Hayeswater.

Almost at High Street summit, and by total coincidence, on two consecutive walks.

Just past the summit.

Lunch with a view down to Riggindale and Haweswater.

Rest Dodd and The Nab, taken from The Knott.

"Why don't we go across to Brock Crags as well?"
"Come on then, it's not that much of a de-tour."

Reflections in one of the small pools on Satura Crag.

Just before we left the ridge to head across to Brock Crags we were treated to a view down to Bannerdale.

Angle Tarn, Angletarn Pikes and Place Fell seen behind an area of wet ground.

The view back along our route. High Street looks an awful long way from here.

A close up of Ullswater, Glenridding and Patterdale.

A small section of the large herd of Deer we spotted below Brock Crags.

Grey Crag and Pasture Bottom taken from a somewhat unusual view point.

The Knott towering above Hayeswater Gill. Undoubtedly The Knott is an easy fell to get to the top of if you're already on the High Street ridge and you're ready to start coming down from the fells at the end of a walk. An ascent from this side of the fell where The Knott might be your first fell of the day is not quite as simple, as this picture shows.

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