16th September 2009

A dry walk through a wet area - High Seat and Bleaberry Fell


Walk Overview
Time 13.20 to 16.45
Duration 3 hr 25 min
Distance 4.9
Ascent 1670
Walking with Jennifer
Ashness Bridge - Barrow Beck - Ashness Gill - High Seat - Bleaberry Fell - above Falcon Crag - Ashness Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ashness Bridge

This is a large parking area found only a minutes walk from the ever popular Ashness Bridge. Despite most people never walking any further then the said bridge, this is a great place to start a walk onto this end of the central ridge.

Despite its popularity parking is free.


Route Map

Ashness Bridge with the expected group of visitors, all eager to photograph what must be the best known bridge in the Lake District.

The bracken might still be at head height in places, but the colour is changing at a rapid pace and it won't be long before its all laying flat on the ground.

A long distance view across Derwent Water to Bassenthwaite Lake.

And looking in the same direction from much higher up the fellside.


A close up of the Grange area of Borrowdale.

A week of dry, warm weather is definitely recommended prior to a walk across this area. Not essential I should add, but the slightly dryer conditions underfoot make the difference between a comfortable, easy going journey and a bog hopping, soggy trip where you emerge at the other end with water on the inside as well as outside your boots.

Bleaberry Fell.

High Seat.

High Seat summit in front of the eastern (Helvellyn) ridge.

Further north and Clough Head and the Dodds come into view.

What a difference in temperature up here. A much cooler wind than I've been in since spring saw us cowering behind these crags while we had a bite to eat.

A little sunshine would have been nice to show off the view at its best. I suppose you can't have everything though.

Just past Bleaberry Fell summit and the view of Derwent Water, Basenthwaite Lake, the Skiddaw fells, and the Lord's Seat fells opens up again.

Looking back up to Bleaberry Fell.

This is much better.

Sunshine Walla Crag.

One of my favourite views in the Lake District is this one of Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake taken above Cat Gill.

Shortly after taking the previous picture I took this one of the path leading to Walla Crag (the high point to the right of the trees) and the top most section of Blencathera (the pointed fell in the distance).


Back where we started, at Ashness Bridge. This time without the crowds of people.

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