9th September 2009

An afternoon on Caw and Stickle Pike


Walk Overview
Time 13.00 to 16.00
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.2 mile
Ascent 2006 ft
Walking with On my own
Kiln Bank Cross - Park Head Road - Goat Crag - Caw - Sheepfold Nr Tail Crag - Broadslack Beck - Long Mire - Park Head Road - Stickle Tarn - Stickle Pike - Kiln Bank Cross
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Kiln Bank Cross, Duddon Valley

I suppose it all depends where you've came from, but this spot could understandably be described a being rather out of the way and difficult to get to. Those who are prepared to go 'out of their way' will be pleased they did, for this is a peaceful area of the Lake District with fells of modest height and beautiful countryside.

The parking spaces are found at the highest point on the road between Duddon Valley and Broughton Mills.


Route Map

Thankfully, after weeks of almost daily, and more often than not torrential rain, we now have the prospect of a settled spell of fine weather. Not wishing to miss out on the treat; this afternoon I headed onto the fells above Ulpha and the Duddon Valley, where, in this is a wonderfully quiet area of the lakes I can generally manage to explore in peaceful solitude. Today I only saw one other person, and even that was from a distance. This is an area where I always get back to the car feeling more than pleased with myself. And aside from Caw and Stickle Pike themselves, which are two thoroughly enjoyable fells, the whole area makes for an interesting time spent among the hills.

Shortly after setting out I joined up with Park Head Road; the route between Seathwaite and Kiln Bank Cross.

Caw summit with a view across to the Coniston fells.

As I left Caw summit, and indeed for quite a bit of the walk, I picked my way through the rocks and crags found in the area.

Despite all the rain we've had, it wasn't quite as wet under foot as I'd expected it to be.

This picture more or less sums up the terrain around here. Rocky, undulating and I should imagine quite confusing when the cloud is down.

The reason for the strange looking route off Caw was to get some pictures of this sheepfold.

Looking back along the wall I followed for a short while after leaving the sheepfold.

White Pike and White Maiden.

The view through Long Mire.

A confusion of spoil heaps and outcrops.


Stickle Tarn.

And again, taken from the walk up to Stickle Pike.

Looking south from the high point near Stickle Pike summit.

Stickle Pike summit. The pointed fell to it's right is Caw.

A view down to Stainton Ground and lower lying countryside beyond.

As the day had progressed it had gradually warmed into a pleasant afternoon. Although the noticeable chill first thing this morning left no doubt in my mind that the next couple of days would the final opportunity for Summer 2009 to claim back a little time before Autumn well and truly takes over.

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