2nd August 2009

Longlands Fell to Aughertree Fell


Walk Overview
Time 09.15 to 13.55
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 9.8 mile
Ascent 1870 ft
Walking with On my own
Longlands - Lodness - Longlands Fell - Lowthwaite Fell - Broad Moss - Brae Fell - Charlton Wath - Burblethwaite - Ellerbeck Common - Aughertree Fell - Sworley - Longlands
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Longlands

With some degree of sensible parking you could probably get ten cars parked here. Once these are gone then I'm afraid it's a case of going elswhere. The roads around here simply aren't wide enough to accommodate roadside parking.

Parking is free.


Route Map

We headed onto the Uldale fells today with the specific intention of including Aughertree Fell at some point along the route. Given that Aughertree Fell is found only five minutes walk from the road, we decided to head onto Longlands Fell and Brae Fell first. I have to say it was a strange sort of day though. One minute we had bright, crystal clear conditions, then, as quickly as it came it felt like someone had turned the light off.

Longlands Fell summit looking towards the higher Uldale / Back O'Skiddaw fells.

The view back to Longlands Fell.

And now looking back to Lowthwaite Fell (centre) and Longlands Fell (right).

Heading up to Brae Fell.

And no sooner had we gained all that height then it was time to loose it all again as we too an off path route down to Charlton Wath.

Longlands Fell, enjoying another brief spell of sunshine.


Holborn; perhaps just a little too secluded to live.

Looking across Ellerbeck Common towards Snowhill Farm (the white building in the trees) and Snowhill Cottage (the white building further across to the left). I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea as walking goes, but our family connections always make this a very special area to visit. Not least because our Grandfather was born in Caldbeck and was brought up at Snowhill Cottage. One of the reasons for taking such a long route around to Aughertree Fell (pronounced Afatree) today was so we could walk past the cottage.

The road through Ellerbeck Common with High Pike in the distance.

Well, if you're going to put up a stone to mark the end of your farm lonning, you might as well use the biggest one you can lay your hands on.

They certainly didn't waste time putting unnecessary bends in the roads around here.

A view across to the Uldale Fells, taken from the point where we left the road and headed onto Aughertree Fell.

Walking past the disused quarry on Aughertree Fell.

Aughertree Fell summit. The village in the centre of the picture is Ireby, where my mother was born and was brought up. This is another place with more memories than I could possibly count.

A close up of Uldale and Binsey.

And a close up of Ireby.

Looking back to Aughertree Fell from the path leading from the road to the ruins at Sworley.

Nearing the end of the walk now on the track back down to Longlands.

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