24th July 2009

A circuit of Ennerdale Water


Walk Overview
Time 13.45 to 16.10
Duration 2 hr 25 min
Distance 7.2 mile
Ascent 640 ft
Walking with On my own
Bleach Green Cottages - Anglers Crag - Shoreline Path - River Liza - Road to Bowness Knott car park - Shoreline path back to Bleach Green cottages
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Bleach Green, Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water has a reputation for being an out of the way place and is arguably the most difficult of all the lakes to reach. Well, not so if you live on this side of the Lake District. For me, the lake and its surrounding fells are actually the closest to home. The upshot of its reputation is place where you ( or me ) can usually walk without meeting the crowds found in some other areas of the Lake District.

Unless there happened to be some sort of special event on, I'd go as far as to say this is some where you're guaranteed to get a parking space, and it's free.



Grass cutting in the fields near Crag Farm House.

With all the rain we've had recently, it's hardly surprising that the weir looks so full.

Ennerdale Water with the darker tops of Knock Murton and Blake Fell in the distance.

When I left home I wasn't sure if the sunshine on the coast would extend far enough inland to give me a couple of hours fine weather. By the time I'd reached this point however, it looked as though my gamble was going to pay off. Just as well, because I really didn't fancy getting caught in one of the torrential downpours we'd been getting almost every day this week.

Bowness Knott.

Heading along the path below Anglers Crag.

The view down Ennerdale Water.
The prominent fell on the skyline is Pillar.



Looking back, with Bowness Knott on the opposite side of the lake.

Almost at the end of the lake now, where you leave the lake side and continue straight ahead to pick up the track with access to the bridge over the Rivre Liza.

More of less at the half way point of the walk with a view back along the length of the lake.

Pillar catching a little sunshine.

Looking along the track I mentioned earlier.


Crag Fell taken from the track leading to Bowness Knott.

Bowness Farm.

Walking around the broad northern end of the lake.

Herdus / Great Borne and Bowness Knott seen from Gill Beck.

A fine view down the length of Ennerdale Water.

Anglers Crag and Crag Fell.

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