15th July 2009

A revisit to a lost walk - Fellbarrow and Low Fell


Walk Overview
Time 14.40 to 18.00
Duration 3 hr 20 min
Distance 5.5 mile
Ascent 1650 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Loweswater Road - Mosser Road - Fellbarrow - Sourfoot Fell - Low Fell - Darling Fell - Mosser Road - Loweswater Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Loweswater (waterend)

Assuming that everyone parks properly, there is room for quite a few cars along here. This is my prefered starting point for a circuit of Loweswater or a walk onto the Fellbarrow / Low Fell ridge.


Route Map

I've always said that once I start doing walks specifically for the website, then I'm walking for the wrong reason. The fact is, the walks I do and the routes I take come first and the website comes second. Well, today I went against that and repeated the walk I did last Friday, just because the photos I took and website updates I did were lost when the computer died on Friday evening.
Given that Jennifer was with me this time and the weather was much better anyway, I suppose I can allow myself this one transgression.

Walking along the lonning above Askill farm, linking the main road to the Mosser road. On route, the view across Loweswater to the western fells opens up behind us.

A small section of the (Mozzer) Mosser Road, which according to the sign next to Loweswater is "unfit for cars". Judging by the width of the road it's just wide enough for two wheelbarrows to pass, never mind modern traffic.

This was the point where we had our first parting of the ways. I headed down to take some pictures of the small sheepfold you can see in the picture, before walking across the boggy ground on the left. Jennifer, who is arguably more sensible than me, walked round.

"I thought you said this was a proper path"?
"You mean to say you've known me for all these years and you still can't tell when I'm stretching the truth".

Fellbarrow summit.

And again.

The downs and the ups of the Fellbarrow to Low Fell ridge.

The view down to the lovely Lorton Vale.

And from a slightly different angle.


Although the next five pictures are all looking in more or less the same direction, they just show how a different position can make a huge difference to what could be called the same view.
this one taken from the bottom of the very short, but steep section leading up to Low Fell.

this one from a little higher up

this one from Low Fell itself

this one from the bracken on the side of Darling Fell as I took a slight de-tour to photograph the small bield (shelter)

and finally, one taken just below Darling Fell's summit.

A bit of repair work wouldn't go amiss here !!!

Looking across to Fellbarrow as we start to drop down from Darling Fell.

That doesn't look too promising.

Back on the Mosser Road.

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