14th June 2009



Walk Overview
Time 13.45 to 15.45
Duration 2 hr
Distance 5.3 miles
Ascent 1300 ft
Walking with On my own
Wath Bridge - Nannycatch Road - Nannycatch Gate - Dent - Black How - Wath Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Wath Bridge, Cleator Moor

There isn't a huge selection of walks that can be done from here. In fact the only real option is Flat Fell and Dent. I know these can be walked by a few different routes, but that's about it.

One piece of useless information is that one of the fields next to the bridge is the western most point in the Lake District.


Route Map

Wath Bridge, found just outside Cleator Moor, on the road to Ennerdale.

The River Ehen (pronounced like the mans name Ian)



I didn't intend to walk here today, in fact I was all ready to head off to the back of Skiddaw fells when the phone rang and I was called elsewhere for the morning. I would have liked a much longer walk, but I have to admit it was great to walk in this area again. Considering how close it is to home, I should make the effort to walk here more often.


Heading down to Nannycatch Gate.

This was the point at which the route I took coincided with a short section of the Coast to Coast route.

Looking into Uldale Bottom from the beginning of the short, but very steep ascent onto Dent.

And from a little higher up.

A long distance view looking back into the Lake District. I have to say that the stile you can see in the picture has to be one of the steepest there is.

Between here and the top of Dent was a bit like one of those weird tales you hear about someone having the same dream every night. I passed no less than four groups of people, all of which asked exactly the same thing; "are we on the right path". As sarcastic as it may sound, there's only one possible answer to this, "it depends where you're going". "But, if you're on the coast to coast and you're going to Ennerdale it's, , , , , " and I explained to them which way to go. After I'd pointed them in the right direction, each group then asked "how many days did it take you". I then had to explain that I wasn't on the coast to coast and I was just out for an afternoon walk in the area.

On the way down to Black How I met a guy who I exchanged a hello with. Unsurprisingly I almost followed my hello with "Ennerdale is that way and before you ask, no I'm not on the coast to coast".

Dent's summit shelter.

And from the other side of the shelter.

Yellow earrings, a black and white mask and one of those horrible shaggy coats people used to wear in the 1960's. If I'd have known it was fancy dress I would have made the effort.


Looking back up the path on Dent.

Lots of greenery and lots of insects in the woods above Black How.

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