20th April 2009

Lakeland by the sea - an evening walk from Ravenglass


Walk Overview
Time 17.00 to 18.30
Duration 1hr 30 min
Distance 2.7 mile
Ascent 200 ft
Walking with On my own
Ravenglass - Walls Castle (Roman bath house) - near Muncaster Castle - A595 - Ravenglass
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ravenglass village

Although it doesn't feel like it, Ravenglass is still part of the Lake District, but unlike most other places, it has more parking spaces than it's ever likely to need. There is a large car park in the centre of the village and of course the car park next to the La'al Ratty.

Parking is NOT free anymore !!


Route Map

It had been another lovely day in Cumbria and I couldn't resist a short walk out this evening, so I headed down the coast a little way to Ravenglass. Despite its seaside location and the notable lack of mountain views, the walk was still in the Lake District. A little more time would have been welcome, but it made a nice change to come here.

As with quite a few photos I've posted lately, some of these ones reflect the season. So, I haven't put comments on many of today's pictures. I'm sure you'll agree that most of them speak for themselves anyway.








Leaving the beach now and heading up towards Walls Castle


Walls Castle, Roman Bath House.









The visitor entrance to Muncaster Castle or in my case the exit. The route from Ravenglass brings you as far as this, although if you want to look around the grounds properly, I'm afraid you have to pay. That makes me sound a bit stingy, but it is worth the money, particularly at this time of year when all the rhododendrons are out.




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