12th April 2009

A much gentler side of the Lake District. Caldbeck to Hesket Newmarket via High Pike


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 15.15
Duration 5 hr 15 min
Distance 10.4 mile
Ascent 2000 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Caldbeck - Upton - Nether Row - Deer hills - High Pike - West Fell - Calebreck - Wood Hall - Hesket Newmarket - Street Head - Townhead - Upton - Caldbeck
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Caldbeck village

Although these is a car park in Caldbeck, there is also an abundance of roadside parking, so for the sake of simplicity I've just described this entry as roadside parking.


Route Map

Springtime in Caldbeck.

Daffodils above the roadside as we walked out of the village.

I did say this was a much gentler side to the Lake District.

"Of course there's nothing wrong with my ear. It's supposed to be that colour".

Life on a dry stone wall.

After almost two miles of walking we reached the open fellside, and even along here the going didn't really get any more strenuous than it was on the walk from Caldbeck.

The view back to Caldbeck.

And now looking a little further around to the left.

Looking over Knott to Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale Fell.

Time for something to eat and a view back up the way we'd just came.

Walking down the fellside above the aptly named Sunny Bank.

From High Pike / West Fell we headed down to Calebreck, on the left hand side of the picture where the fell ends and the fields begin.


A couple of placid Calebreck residents.

The remaining four or so miles were done along minor roads like this one, not that this was a bad thing at all; quite the opposite in fact. This is such a lovely area of countryside, I just fancied a walk where I'd get the chance to enjoy it. To be honest, I'd deliberately kept this walk until Easter because I knew everywhere else would be so busy. What I didn't expect was such a nice day which was a welcome bonus.



Walking along the road between Wood Hall and Hesket Newmarket.


Hesket Newmarket.

As we walked back up the village preparations were underway for an Easter egg throwing competition. Not by hand, but by home made catapult. The local kids all had different types of catapult ranging from a plank of wood over a barrel to an elaborate type of medieval trebuchet. Thankfully I wasn't standing in this spot when the eggs started to fly.



Walking along the narrow lane behind Sharpe House.



It was a shame we were almost at the end of the walk, never mind, we'd had almost ten and a half miles of sunshine, walked through some gorgeous countryside and enjoyed some time on High Pike; a lovely quiet fell.

A busy afternoon at the Old Smithy Tearoom.


I suppose this picture speaks for itself; very nice.


David Hall -
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