4th April 2009

Grasmere, Elterwater, Skelwith Bridge and Loughrigg Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 10.30 to 14.00
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 1000 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Grasmere - The Wyke - Walthwaite Bottom - Elterwater - Eltermere - Skelwith Force - Skelwith Bridge - Tarn Foot - Loughrigg Tarn - Red Bank Wood - The Wyke - Grasmere
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Broadgate, Grasmere

Broadgate is one of the three main car parks found in Grasmere. They all charge what may be considered over the odds, but I suppose parking in an area with so many walking options does come with a high price tag.

In addition to the walking on offer, the car park is within a minutes walk from the centre of Grasmere and everything it has to tempt the visitor.


Route Map

I know it was rather damp and grey, but I didn't expect Grasmere to be quite so deserted when we set out this morning. In fact, it wasn't much busier when we got back at the end of the walk. I should imagine the place will be much more crowded next weekend (Easter).

Heading up the path which links the Grasmere road and the road above Walthwaite Bottom. It may be a bit rough under foot, but it still offers a nice alternative to the road which gets a lot of traffic during the summer months.

The view over Grasmere to Seat Sandal, Stone Arthur and Great Rigg / Fairfield topped with cloud.

After a while the rough path gives way to much easier ground.

No confusion here !

Cottages on the outskirts of Elterwater.

From Elterwater, we followed the track to Skelwith Bridge. Just after leaving Elterwater (seen here) we passed this section of path which had been washed away during the floods at the end of last year. I'm glad I wasn't here at the time, but it must have been quite a sight to see. Going by the debris that was still hanging from the trees, at this point I would have almost been up to my shoulders in water. As we talked about to another couple, this wouldn't have been standing water, the whole lot would have been flowing through here like a river.

Thankfully all was peace and calm today.

Looking across Elter Water at a band of rain slowly but surely heading in our direction.

The River Brathey.

The rather futuristic looking bridge found near Skelwith Force waterfall.

Now that the rain had stopped I could take a picture of Loughrigg Tarn.

Following the track above the tarn which leads onto the road between Oaks and Red Bank.

There's always somewhere new to go. You can imagine how many times I've walked in this area by one route or another, not only since I started the website, but during all the years prior to that. Yet this is the first time I've walked along this section of path through Redbank Woods. Perhaps I should follow Jennifer more often. She got halfway along the path before she turned around and asked if this was the way I wanted to go.

It would have been nice on the whole walk, but the sunshine we had on the walk back into Grasmere was still very welcome.

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