27th February 2009

Tarn Hows and Black Crag


Walk Overview
Time 12.30 to 14.30
Duration 2 hr
Distance 4.2 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Tarn Hows - Rose Castle Plantation - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Iron keld Plantation - Tarn Hows (west side)
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows is reputed to be one of the Lake Districts most popular tourist destinations. I should point out that the prices in the car park and the amount of traffic would help to confirm this. This is a car park I wouldn't even think of trying to park after 10 am during the summer months.

I you are lucky enough to find a space then Tarn Hows itself is no more than a couple of minutes walk away.


Route Map

It was raining when we left home, and the prospect of walking in the rain all morning just didn't appeal. So, in the hope that the afternoon would be drier, we had a drive through the south of the Lakes to get some photos of a few places. By late morning we'd reached Hawkshead and within ten minutes of walking about the rain had stopped..

Flag Street Hawkshead.

We had no plans at all for where to walk today. It was a case of keeping an eye on the weather and then grabbing a walk if it dried up. As we were in the area anyway, we headed from Hawkshead to Tarn Hows for a short walk around The Tarns and across to Black Crag.


Heading along the path which runs around Tarn Hows.

Cutting the corner, so to speak. From the northern end of Tarn Hows a grassy and somewhat muddy path leads across to the track near Iron Keld Plantation.

At the end of the shortcut.

That looks like great fun.

Iron Keld Plantation or rather what's left of it.

Looking ahead to Black Crag.

Wet weather moving in from the south meant at this point in the walk I was expecting a good soaking, thankfully the rain missed us altogether. Although the sunshine didn't last much longer.

Black Crag summit.

And looking a little further round to catch the final moments of a rainbow.


Turning right here would have taken us down to Tom Gill Waterfalls and the main Coniston road. Straight on and we were back at the car in a couple of minutes.

The view back to Tarn Hows.
Now it was time to eat the carrot cake we bought at Gosforth bakery earlier this morning Mmmmmmm!!

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