15th February 2009

A wet and cloudy start for a favourite walk


Walk Overview
Time 08.30 to 14.40
Duration 6 hr 10 min
Distance 7 mile
Ascent 2300 ft
Walking with Derek Roberts
Stonethwaite - Lingy End - Dock Tarn - Great Crag - Watendlath - Puddingstone Bank - Grange Fell - Kings How - Borrowdale - Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Stonethwaite

Despite there only being spaces for about 5 cars next to the phone box this is somewhere I've only failed to get to get parked on one occasion. Found in the middle of Stonethwaite, this about as good as it gets for sheer variety of walks.

There is also a small parking area just before the main village. It is more of a lay-by than anything else but there is room for about a dozen cars.

Parking is free and for those wishing to eat or drink after a walk the hotel / pub is less than a minutes walk further into the village.


Route Map

I was hoping to get onto the higher fells today, but with low cloud and rain on the drive from home, I decided the sensible thing would be to stay below the snow / ice line. Walking in cloud is one thing, but if you add that to the icy conditions on the higher fells then you have very dangerous conditions indeed.
The fells will still be there when the cloud and the ice have gone!

Who turned the light off?

Standing in an eerie silence next to Dock Tarn.



That's better.
As much as I enjoy the feeling you get when walking in cloud, it's always nice when they part and you're granted a longer distance view.

And again, taken a little further down the path.

I wonder how old this tree is. The tree itself may be hollow, twisted and in a somewhat sorry looking state, but it still plays host to a good selection of plants, mosses, lichens and no doubt the inside of the tree offers a good home to the local insect population.

If I had a pound for every time I'd been here I could probably, , , fill the car up a couple of times, , , buy a new rucksack, , , or maybe park in Ambleside everyday for a week. However many times it is, this is somewhere I never tire of visiting.

Netting across the outflow of the tarn; put there to keep the fish in.

Just below the cloud on Grange Fell.

A close up of Cat Bells.

King's How seen as we pass one of the many rocky outcrops found in the area.


Derwent Water seen here from the top of King's How.

And looking in the opposite direction towards the Rosthwaite / Stonethwaite end of Borrowdale.

Heading down the woodland track into Borrowdale.

To avoid the road we followed this narrow path which links up with the track near Hazel Bank.

The cloud had lifted by now and the sun was even trying to shine, but despite missing the higher fells, it had been a great day around my favourite route.


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